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Use our review to easily have the most enjoyable and best online slots relax-time. If you want to play Zhao Cai Tong Zi online, read the paragraphs below to get tutored on how. To start with, go ahead and open a new VideoSlots account. Just click the designated button and you’ll be taken directly to the registration page.

Play Zhao Cai Tong Zi at VideoSlots

One of the leading online casinos is VideoSlots, where apart from Zhao Cai Tong Zi you can find many, many more different Asian themed slots for uncountable hours of fun. What more can you wish for? A VideoSlots bonus? They have that, as well! Did someone mention bonus offers? Tell us if this will do: 11 free spins with no deposit requirement and 150 on top of that, if you do make a deposit and a £10 free chip , another great perk: once you’ve made your deposit, you’ll receive a 100% of that deposit, amounting to £400 in VideoSlots welcome bonus cash.

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Free Spins are just the greatest, are they not? Thus, the lucrative prizes will be nicely round up with these once you start to play Zhao Cai Tong Zi. To stand out from the competition, this online casino is giving you a double amount of VideoSlots free spins. For starters, there are 11 VideoSlots free spins the second you sign up. And you don’t have to make a deposit, either. Is this all when it comes to Zhao Cai Tong Zi free spins? Of course not. You’ll need to spend £10 or more, though – this is the minimum deposit amount required by VideoSlots. Only then you’ll receive the second bonus: 150 free spins. Profiting with this exclusive bonus can only be achieved by following the link from our site. The bonus will be yours only if you follow these instructions.

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Looking at the VideoSlots bonus page, you’ll find you can get one more no deposit bonus. One click is all it takes. Click on the link and get a VideoSlots no deposit bonus which is £10.

VideoSlots Welcome Bonus

Do the words ‘VideoSlots Welcome Bonus’ sound like fun to you? That’s because it’s fun to play Zhao Cai Tong Zi free, which is exactly what you will be doing. When you think about it, 100% bonus on the deposit you’ve made is a great deal, especially if you have in mind that this could come up to £400. The way to the bonus is given exclusively to the readers of this article on Zhao Cai Tong Zi. Once you decide it’s time to collect it, press the button below. Obviously, you’re going to need a deposit. The minimum accepted amount is £10. In this case, the bigger is really the better – you’ll receive a deposit match bonus. You do realise that this will boost your bankroll with additional cash?

How to sign up with VideoSlots:

  • Step 1: The Play Now button will prompt the VideoSlots bonus activation.
  • Step 2: Now, go on to create a user account for yourself. Filling out the info is the next step.
  • Step 3: Your account is now credited with 11 Free Spins and £10 just for signing up, and if you make a deposit you’ll get a VideoSlots welcome bonus of 100% up to £400. Now you can play Zhao Cai Tong Zi online for real money.
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Zhao Cai Tong Zi Online: Main Features

Are Asian-themed slot games you favourite hobby? This great Playtech slot could be just what you are looking for. Even if you’re not that keen on Chinese-related slots, take a spin – it might just climb to the top of your list of best online slot games. In this Zhao Cai Tong Zi review we’ll cover every detail – but first, let’s start with the basic features.

  • Behold the 5 reels in Zhao Cai Tong Zi. Its common that slots have an odd number of reels. Playtech has designed them to allow no less than 9 lines.
  • The minimum you have to wager is £0.01.
  • Also, there is a Zhao Cai Tong Zi mobile game available.
  • At first glance, this slot seems quite complicated, so make sure you read the rules first.
  • The biggest win that can be achieved is 100000 £ in cash.
  • The return to player, or Zhao Cai Tong Zi RTP, for short, is 97.01%. Does this percentage sound grandiose? If you want find out what that in fact means, just carry on reading.

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Zhao Cai Tong Zi Jackpot

Alas, this Playtech title holds no online slot jackpots. However, to compensate for this, the the Golden Fortune Baby symbol offers a sort of a Zhao Cai Tong Zi jackpot, which if won, can really beef up your winnings by multiplying the line bet 10000 times. For example, betting the max amount of £900 on each spin could see you win £100000. Now, we’re positive that this more than enough to compensate for the missing Jackpot, right?

How to Play

A brief review on how to play Zhao Cai Tong Zi online for real money coming up, so stay tuned. In order to win, you need to strike at least 1 reward-inducing symbols per line. The slot pays both ways. Select your desired stake using bet size options. To play, press: Spin.

Before starting you should concentrate on learning the hows and whys of the game. It’s more challenging than playing your basic slot. Following the instructions will help you tackle the few more difficult game mechanics that only the experts know of. Accompanying the instructions are the rules of the game which are very useful for understanding the core-game mechanics.

Before you start playing, read the instructions below. This is a relatively complicated game, and beginners might find it confusing at times. Check the step-by-step guide below . The rules included with the game are very useful for understanding the core-game mechanics, too.

Step 1: Zhao Cai Tong Zi real money mode vs free play

By now you’ve had to have made a choice if you’re going to play Zhao Cai Tong Zi online with real money settings or if you just what to test the bother-free starters novice gamer mode that has no required payments. Zhao Cai Tong Zi offers you a chance to work out the ins and outs of the game without having to invest real money. Just find the free mode on the VideoSlots website or on VideoSlots mobile for people on the go. However, seeing as the greatest win in Zhao Cai Tong Zi can go as high as £1000000 per each line you should definitely hurry up and learn to drive without the training wheels.

Step 2: Decide on your credit value

Bet size in Zhao Cai Tong Zi real money is freely changeable, and entirely up to you. Playtech gave you the chance to alter it as and when it suits you. You can set it to the minimum: £0.01, or go as high as £900 in a single spin. Yet, this 9-line online slot will not pay out that easily or often, but when it does you’ll be grinning! Your wager amount remains fully flexible for the entire time of Zhao Cai Tong Zi real money play, allowing you to adjust it as and when you wish, depending on your gaming strategy. Go for the lowest bet of £0.01, or boost it up to £900. What you should remember is that on the 9 lines you won’t win easily, but when you do, it will be huge. Seeking a fast way to wager exactly as much as you want? Just click the Bet Max button. Play around with the size of your wager with the handy bet size/value button.

Step 3: Select your paylines

The time is now to include which paylines you want for your active set. The paylines count bar is set really low, for standard play it’s just one. And while such a selection will provide a pretty low stake of £0.01, you won’t be able to win much. Undoubtedly the optimum choice is for you to retain all 9 paylines active for the duration of your game time. With this, your stake will be more serious , ranging between £0.09 and £900 depending on your previously made settings. You must realize it’s unrealistic to expect to select just winning lines and activate them. With this out of the way, the Spin button is at your disposal to start spinning. You may want to use the Turbo button if you want Zhao Cai Tong Zi 5 reels to get a speed boost or you can simply start an Auto Play round. Ready, Steady… Go!

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As we said earlier, Zhao Cai Tong Zi is’nt a run-of-the-mill slot. You need to master it first before truly enjoying this Playtech title. But the rules are easy to follow and they will help. These are the details:

You’ve gathered by now that Zhao Cai Tong Zi is indeed difficult to grasp. So you’ll need to study the rules before going on to become the master of Zhao Cai Tong Zi. Trust us, it will mean the world of difference, so pay attention:

  • All the payouts are issued by the paytable figure. Seek for the paytable command with its sister icon
  • Any 1 or more of the same, adjacent symbols can put you on the receiving end of some form of prize
  • Choose a maximum of 9 lines
  • It is just the prize-winning patterns played on selected paylines that are paid out, except in case of wins brought by scatters
  • Line wins are multiplied with your chosen stake value per line
  • The wins you get from the paylines will be paid both left to right and right to left, unless you hit a scatter – it pays any
  • The final score will be all the multiple values of wins on the paylines merged into one.
  • When you have several wins on a payline, your accound will be richer only by the one that is the highest
  • Scatter wins are combined with payline wins
  • There is a wild only on reels 2, 3 and 4
  • Every wild win includes an extra 2x multiplier
  • When the gaming software or hardware malfunctions, all winners and payouts will be considered void and those bets will be refunded
  • NB: Confer with the terms and conditions of VideoSlots so as to be on familiar terms with the procedures for the management of the game rounds which are not finished. This is also valid for the time following the automatic ending of inactive play sessions

Reels and Paylines

When it comes to the number of reels, Playtech decided to make this exciting title with 5 reels which adequately depict its Chinese theme. The course of how the 5 reels spin in Zhao Cai Tong Zi is from the topmost line down. In effect, as you are spinning this hair-raising slot game, all you need to do is plan how to win. True punters will memorize Zhao Cai Tong Zi tiles so they’ll know exactly which combos carry those hefty winners. Actually, the reels have 12 tiles which materialize randomly, including the slot’s wild and scatter symbol.

The line that go across the 5 reels are called paylines and they carry the prize-giving combo in this Playtech title. You’ll find 9 of those lines which will win you a £100000 prize. The best winning strategy that involves Zhao Cai Tong Zi paylines is to engage all of them. Still, Playtech enabled the option to have fewer lines in the game, so your winners can come from only one line when you use the yes button. But be warned – this will reduce your chances to win some tempting Zhao Cai Tong Zi prizes, too. Zhao Cai Tong Zi, just like any other slot game, has paylines that cover its 5 reels’ and they are in charge of the payouts. There are 9 paylines here and they will award you with 100000 £. Turning on all the paylines increases your chances of connecting the right symbols and winning big. Even if everybody knows that, Playtech still gave us the option to take away selected lines so as to end up with victory money coming only from one line – click the yes button to set it up. But you’ll just be decreasing your chances to go away with a great deal of Zhao Cai Tong Zi money. Zhao Cai Tong Zi has 9 paylines that pay both ways. Zhao Cai Tong Zi will pay you colossal prizes, but not as colossal as some slots since it has less than 20 paylines. Moreover, Playtech decided to give Zhao Cai Tong Zi lines the pays-both-ways payout direction. Zhao Cai Tong Zi doesn’t pay out only the lowest prizes, there are some generous rewards available here, although some players may expect this Playtech game to pay less due to having under 20 paylines.

Top Win Symbol

If you are enjoying this Playtech slot and hope to win the big prize, then pay attention to the Golden Fortune Baby, which acts as a jackpot symbol, bringing us the biggest prize. Get 5 of these and instantly win a fantastic prize of 10000x payline stake. To win the £1000000, you’ll need make an investment – all 9 paylines active, and £100 wagered per each of the lines.

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Standard Symbols

This particular Playtech slot comes with 12 tiles. Golden Fortune Baby represents the best one in the sense that it’s the most valuable. However, others also may boost your bankroll significantly, so here they are:

  • The Golden Sycee Baby image brining 5000x line bet
  • The Koi Carp Baby tile multiplies the line bet 1200 times
  • The Peach Baby tile rewards you by multiplying your line stake 750 times
  • The Pineapple symbol which brings 350x your line stake
  • The least lucrative figures here are the Lantern and Firecrackers bringing a modest 50x payline bet.

Bonus Symbols

  • The Festival Dragon wild symbol
  • The Zhao Cai Tong Zi Logo scatter mark


Zhao Cai Tong Zi wild figure won’t be all that complicated to identify – it’s entitled Festival Dragon. This Asian-style Wild tile can replace any of the 12 other symbols in this video game. The slot will incorporate this figure on reels: 2, 3 and 4. So any time when the Festival Dragon appears on a slot reel in a scoring combination of symbols, you can look forward to your reward growing 2 times.


Besides regular figures, Zhao Cai Tong Zi was given one of the all-time favourites – the Scatter. The symbol takes its name from the game itself. The main advantage of the game’s namesake scatter is mirrored in the freedom from 9 lines, meaning that it pays on any position. You could be in for 100x that’s awarded for all 5.

Is This 5-Reeler a Video Slot?

Definitely! It is easily seen that this Playtech title falls into the group of visually appealing slots. Aside from all these games, there are also the classic ones with such gripping flair, and even with their moretraditional style, they still attract many players.

In-game Audio

Having a completely Chinese-themed game is the best case scenario, true? That’s why Playtech wanted to let you enjoy Zhao Cai Tong Zi to the fullest by incorporating Chinese-themed audio effect to go with the slot’s clean-cut design. Nevertheless, it’s enough to press Zhao Cai Tong Zi mute-button and enjoy the game in silence, if you want to.

VideoSlots Software

You won’t see a possibility of a VideoSlots download. That is why you have to play Zhao Cai Tong Zi direct online. Direct-play virtual casinos are much more trouble-free than the ones requiring an initial Zhao Cai Tong Zi download. It saves you time and doesn’t clog up your hard disk space. Forget about Zhao Cai Tong Zi download, just apply for an account with VideoSlots, by clicking on the button below and go grab that top prize in Zhao Cai Tong Zi: £100000.

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Quick Info on Playtech:

Markets: Cross-Platform Management System, Online and Mobile Gaming Applications, Gaming Products & Software Solutions
Web Page:
Founder: Teddy Sagi
Headquarters: St. George’s Court, 2nd Floor Upper Church Street, Douglas
Founded in: 1999

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about Zhao Cai Tong Zi? Check our section below.

What is RTP?

The RTP – short for Return to Player – is calculated from statistical tracking of Zhao Cai Tong Zi payouts over a long period of time. It is always expressed in percentages, and the RTP in slots with 9 paylines is likely to range from 93% to 96%.

What is Zhao Cai Tong Zi RTP value?

You’ll feel like you’re taking a wild ride with this unpretentiously designed game, especially bearing in mind that Zhao Cai Tong Zi RTP is 97.01%, which can really pay off.

Withdrawing your winnings

Getting the winnings from Zhao Cai Tong Zi to your wallet is no trouble at all. All your earned cash is in your VideoSlots account. Next, choose the withdrawal method , and there you have it. However, if there’s something that’s still unclear, feel free to get in contact with VideoSlots customer support service.

Are withdrawals made with credit cards acceptable?

VideoSlots accepts Visa and MasterCard both , also accepted; the prepaid Paysafe Card.

Can I use Paypal?

That’s a no, there is no VideoSlots Paypal account transfer available. How about using Skrill or Neteller instead? Keep in mind, you can send a request for a direct wire transfer.

Can I play Zhao Cai Tong Zi for free?

You can rest assured that you’ll be able to play Zhao Cai Tong Zi free thanks to 11 free spins that require no deposit . With the hyperlink given bellow you’ll be able to go to the VideoSlots no deposit bonus. Should you be more interested in Zhao Cai Tong Zi free play, you have opportunity, yet we have to tell you that most player go straight to real money play.

VideoSlots App

A Zhao Cai Tong Zi app does not yet exist. If you really wish to spin this user accessible slot on a tablet or other multimedia gadgets go to VideoSlots’s web address, as there you’ll be able to entertain yourself with a host of other top-of-the-line slots with any choice of browser. Be on the lookout for web sites trying to scam you out of your money by selling the VideoSlots app, those are just shoddy fakes!

The Verdict

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