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The Cheshire Cat Review

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For the meticulous punters out there, having the best online slots adventure when they play The Cheshire Cat online will be easy with the help of all the info on this page. Getting started won’t be a trouble at all – regiser an account at VideoSlots, simply by following the link given here.

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VideoSlots carries an abundance of online slots – SG Interactive games included. Any theme you may think of is probably available – Fairy Tales to name just one. In addition, a VideoSlots bonus also helps keep things interesting. Step right up and see the special bonus offer of the day: 11 free spins and 150 once you’ve made a deposit along with a £10 bonus that is deposit-free , plus the VideoSlots 100% match welcome bonus up to £400.

VideoSlots Free spins

Among all the bonuses that a slot can hold, would free spins be the best ones? They’re especially useful when you play The Cheshire Cat and other extravagant winnings slots. Here’s what you can gain by playing here: the VideoSlots free spins special – 11 VideoSlots free spins you get immediately when you sign up – without the need to deposit one single penny. Now, don’t be concerned about the amount of The Cheshire Cat free spins – there’s an abundance of them. However, this bonus requires you to make a deposit to your VideoSlots account in the amount of £10. Only then you’re game will be boosted with additional 150 free spins. Just know that this represents an exclusive offer given only to those who use our link to get to the game. Please keep in mind – the process we’ve described is the only way you’ll get your hands on it.

VideoSlots No Deposit Bonus

There are online casinos that will give you a no deposit bonus, but VideoSlots will give you two. One is the 11 The Cheshire Cat free spins bonus that we talked about; the second VideoSlots bonus is a virtual give-away. A single click on the hyperlink from this review grans you an additional sum of £10 in the name of the VideoSlots no deposit bonus.

VideoSlots Welcome Bonus

The VideoSlots Welcome Bonus will give you the opportunity to earn money without spending money. That’s right – you will play The Cheshire Cat free! Right now, there is a 100% bonus with the maximum amount of £400 for you to enjoy. You can get this special bonus under one condition – use our website to get to it. The bonus feature awaits behind the linked button on this page. After logging in, make a deposit that’s no less than £10. Since this deposit falls under the match bonus feature, making it higher will get you a higher bonus too.

How to sign up with VideoSlots:

  • Step 1: That VideoSlots bonus won’t activate by itself – you have to follow the link we gave you here.
  • Step 2: This is the registration step – put in the info needed for signing up.
  • Step 3: The third and final step is to enjoy 11 Free Spins and £10 and a a VideoSlots welcome bonus of 100% up to £400 welcome bonus after deposit.
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Do you yearn for a decent Fairy Tales-themed slot-game? SG Interactive proudly presents the Alice in Wonderland-related slot game. Study the The Cheshire Cat review and examine why it is very important that you test drive this slot. Below you can discover all the rule explanations beginning with the most basic features.

  • The reels in this slot are numbered 1 to 5, which is rather customary, as are the 40 paylines.
  • You can play The Cheshire Cat for real money with only £0.4 per bet.
  • When you install the new The Cheshire Cat mobile version you’ll be charging your phone more frequently.
  • Hopefully complicated and interesting rules are a turn on for you when looking for a good slot game to play, because this one’s a doozy.
  • The Cheshire Cat will give you amazing prizes, so you could walk away with £250000 in cash.
  • The The Cheshire Cat RTP is 95.91%. Don’t be troubled by the unpretentious numbers, things aren’t as gloomy as they seem. The online slots RTP will be deconstructed in the subsequent paragraph.

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The Cheshire Cat Jackpot

SG Interactive opted to skip the online slot jackpots feature for this 5-reel slot. No, don’t despair, The Cheshire Cat jackpot was substituted with the Cheshire Cat tile that will get your VideoSlots bankroll bursting with cash with a multiplier of 50 times your line wager. And the math is simple: with a maximum bet amount of £100 on each spin, you stand to receive £250000. This way, the fact that there’s no jackpot is really irrelevant considering the amount you stand to win.

How to Play

A brief review on how to play The Cheshire Cat online for real money coming up, so stay tuned. Connect 3 to 5 alike symbols on a line from left to right to cash out. So, spin those 5 reels, but not before you decide on the bet amount. Wagers in cash can be toggled right there on the game’s control panel. The bigger your bet, the more you stand to win! Press the Spin button to start the game.

You should read the instructions for games such as this because the game is harder to understand that your usual slot. Hopefully following the game’s step by step instructions will help you, along with the games intuitive rules menu.

Step 1: Should I play The Cheshire Cat for real money?

The primary thing to decide right now is in which way to play The Cheshire Cat online? Are you here just to exercise or are you a genuine slot geek here to score big? The The Cheshire Cat free-play build is a simulation with no real cash involved. It’s available also on the VideoSlots mobile slot platform. You will feel sorry if you never try the real deal though, because you miss the chance to cash out.

Step 2: Pick your credit amount

Your wager during The Cheshire Cat real money is totally up to you. Adjust it when and to what your VideoSlots account dictates as you are spinning. In fact, you can place the minimum £0.4, or go to £100 per spin. What you should remember is that on the 40 lines you won’t win easily, but when you do, it will be huge. For fine tuning your stakes, there’s a bet size/value button.

Step 3: Spin

Paylines are selectable in most slots that sport hi-tech graphics, but in The Cheshire Cat that’s not the case. All 40 of those lines are always turned on. Perhaps this is for the best – when the total number of lines is online, the whole of your scores will be maximized. Therefore, you can simply go ahead and press the Spin to start playing. No more delay – let’s play The Cheshire Cat online!

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As we said earlier, The Cheshire Cat is’nt a run-of-the-mill slot. You need to master it first before truly enjoying this SG Interactive title. But the rules are easy to follow and they will help. These are the details:

  • Check out the paytable for info on payouts, you can access it when you click the button located on the main screen
  • If you attain 3 symbols that are the same, you secure a prize. Naturally, only if they are next to each other.
  • The catch in this game is that you must select all of the
  • Line wins get multiplied by your stake per line
  • The payment transpires from the left reels to the right reels, with the exception of the scatter, which pays on any position
  • if you win on two or more paylines, your total prize is the sum of all these wins, combined
  • If one payline has multiple wins, it is par for the course that only the highest win brings a cash prize
  • Scatter and payline wins are going to be paid collectively
  • Scatter wins increase the total bet by simple multiplication
  • Should there occur an error in the game hardware or software, all the involved wins as well as payouts will be rendered null and void. Also, all the involved bets will be refunded
  • NB: The VideoSlots T&Cs need to be consulted in regards to the procedures undertaken for the management of unfinished games, as well as the procedures dealing with the programmed ending of the sessions that have become inactive

Paylines and Reels

This refined online slot was carefully crafted by SG Interactive who decided to put in 5 reels designed to emphasize the Alice in Wonderland motif. The 5 reels have the usual downward movement. So, The Cheshire Cat is not only a merry slot, but it’s also user-friendly, letting you concentrate on the rewards. Study each of the The Cheshire Cat slot symbols thoroughly, because they can become your dearest friends and bring you rich but rare winners. You can expect 12 randomly emerging figures, including a wild and a scatter symbol. Do not forget this slot’s special figure – Mystery Symbol.

Paylines in The Cheshire Cat and other slots in general serve to decide the 5 reels’ payouts. All 40 of them are meandering across the reels and they help collect the amazing £250000. The best winning strategy that involves The Cheshire Cat paylines is to engage all of them. Fortunately, with this SG Interactive game, you can’t change the number of paylines so all 40 of them will remain active. And that’s for the best, trust us! The 40 paylines direction is important – it’s left to right. They will earn you profitable rewards. And with 40 paylines, you’ll come out significantly richer.

Top Win Symbol

All of us who prioritize winning in this title should pay attention to the Cheshire Cat, the slot’s jackpot symbol which carries the biggest prize. Hit all 5 of them and see your balance grow by 50x line bet. Your winnings could be 50x of your line bet, providing all 40 paylines are active and you bet the max amount – £2.5 per line.

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More About Symbols

SG Interactive included a total of 12 symbols into this online title. In addition to the Cheshire Cat which we’ve already discussed, this fun slot also involves:

  • The next-to-best Alice symbol, with its 40x line bet
  • This Caterpillar symbol will be multiplying your line wager by 30x
  • The March Hare symbol, with its top payout of 20 times your line bet, which, although not nearly as exciting, will surely not leave you disappointed
  • The Potion and Piece of Cake symbols which award 15x of the line bet
  • The least, but still decently paying King, Queen and Jack symbols, with their – 15x line wager top prize.

Bonus Symbols

  • The Cheshire Cat Logo wild piece
  • The Wheel scatter token

The Wild

Look through the symbols in The Cheshire Cat and easily find the wild – the tile was called Cheshire Cat Logo. The wild will subtitute any symbol in this Fairy Tales-styled video online slot. With Cheshire Cat Logo you’d have to be a real-life cooler in order to not win in the The Cheshire Cat game! And aligning only the wild can pay 500x. All 5 reels must show the wild on an active payline.

The Scatter Symbol: Wheel

Next on the list of the more complicated symbols in The Cheshire Cat, is the Scatter. The name of the scatter is Wheel. The good thing is that the The Cheshire Cat scatter is not bound by the 40 lines – it will give you a payout wherever it’s positioned. Depending on your luck, these little tile can get you up to 50x – and that’s the prize for all of the 5, combined. The marvellous Wheel scatter is going to set off the freespins game. Which of the other 12 tiles can do all of this? None, except this one.

Special Features

Here’s a few words about the bonus features.

Free Spins

Sometimes, during a game of The Cheshire Cat, every player’s dream seems to come true – it’s not magic, it’s The Cheshire Cat free spins! For a few rounds you can live the dream of earning cash without actually paying to play. It’s the Wheel icon, which is a Scatter too, that will start the free spins bonus. You’ll receive 20 spins, which you won’t have to use all at once .

The Cheshire Cat – Is it a VideoSlot?

Definitely! As a video slot, this title has quite advanced graphics and sounds in line with its Fairy Tales theme. It is easily seen that this SG Interactive title falls into the group of visually appealing slots. Aside from all these games, there are also the classic ones with such diverting flair, and even with their moretraditional style, they still attract many players.

In-game Audio

Characteristic audio is what you’ll find in this Alice in Wonderland-themed slot. With this 40-payline slot’s amazing design, the tunes make perfect sense. The comforing thing about this modern slot game is that it includes the mute toggle.

VideoSlots Secure Software

You won’t see a possibility of a VideoSlots download. That is why you have to play The Cheshire Cat direct online. Direct-play virtual casinos are much more trouble-free than the ones requiring an initial The Cheshire Cat download. It saves you time and doesn’t clog up your hard disk space. There’s no need to worry about The Cheshire Cat download, easily open a new account at VideoSlots by clicking on the link below and win the boss win of 50 times your line bet.

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Quick Info on SG Interactive:

Established: 1973
Founder John Koza and Daniel Bower
Headquarters: 6650 S. El Camino Road Las Vegas, NV 89118
Specialties: Gaming Terminals and Gaming Terminal Content, Desktop, Mobile and Social iGaming Software, Instant, Interactive and Draw Games, Lottery and Gaming Operations Management, Lottery Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to know more about VideoSlots promotions or The Cheshire Cat strategies? Read on!

What is slot RTP?

The three letters RTP – are short for Return to Player – It’s calculated by statistically tracking the The Cheshire Cat payments over a long – exact period of time. Expect an average of 93% to 96% in online slots that number 40 paylines.

Is The Cheshire Cat RTP good or bad?

If you are looking to make a big profit from this entertaining game then look elsewhere because The Cheshire Cat RTP of 95.91% won’t ruin you, but it won’t do your bank account any real favours.

I want to withdraw. What next?

Collecting your win from The Cheshire Cat is very easy. Once you win money, it will appear on your VideoSlots account. Basically, all you need to do next is select the withdrawal method that you prefer to use , and think carefully about how you’ll spend it! Also, you can ask VideoSlots customer support for more info on the limits.

Are there any credit cards you can withdraw to?

Credit cards from MasterCard and Visa will both work . You can use the Paysafe prepaid card because it’s supported.

Is using Paypal to make withdrawals an optional resort?

That’s a no, there is no VideoSlots Paypal account transfer available. There are other tested and safe options, for example Skrill and Neteller. Sometimes, simple solutions are the best. That is why VideoSlots has the added wire transfer option, for your convenience.

Can I play The Cheshire Cat for free?

For sure! You have to option to play The Cheshire Cat free at VideoSlots you will get 11 free spins for which VideoSlots doesn’t as for a deposit when you sign up. There’s no particular bonus code is to collect this VideoSlots no deposit bonus – just click on the link under this article. Should you be more interested in The Cheshire Cat free play, you have opportunity, yet we have to tell you that most player go straight to real money play.

VideoSlots App

The The Cheshire Cat app is not there. So, if you wish to play this game on an iPhone or Android smartphone what you need to do is go to the website of VideoSlots and try spinning countless other video games by using the browser. Beware of sites claiming they can sell you the VideoSlots app – it’s a scam!


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