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This review provides all the information you need about how to play Six Acrobats online and how to have the best online slots adventure. For the beginning, you’ll need a new LeoVegas account which you can start creating by pressing the button set above.

Play Six Acrobats at LeoVegas

LeoVegas is a contemporary online betting platform where you can play Six Acrobats, and a wide range of other jackpot-galore Microgaming slots. There’s a LeoVegas bonus offer, too. The present LeoVegas offer is 20 free spins without a deposit and 100 additional free spins when you make a deposit , and a LeoVegas welcome bonus for your first deposit – 200% £1600.

LeoVegas Free spins

Are we lying when we say that freespins are the coolest kind of internet slot bonus? If you answered no, we are on the same page. A perfect way to play Six Acrobats or any other moderate gains slot game. The casino has prepared a special combination of LeoVegas free spins, exclusively for Six Acrobats online. There’s the no deposit20 LeoVegas free spins added immediately when you become a member. Ran out of Six Acrobats free spins? The fun doesn’t have to stop just yet. This time you will need to make a deposit to your LeoVegas account of £10. Now you have another 100 free spins!

LeoVegas No Deposit Bonus

There’s one solitary no deposit LeoVegas bonus here, and it’s not paid in cash, but in Six Acrobats free spins. 20 of them, to be precise. To unlock more promotions, just make a deposit. Even still, the £10, the minimum cash requirement, sounds pretty sensible.

LeoVegas Welcome Bonus

If you’re a casino bonus hunter, or if you’re just looking for a way to play Six Acrobats free, take a gander at the LeoVegas Welcome Bonus. When you make a cash deposit for the first time you will get a 200% bonus. The maximum bonus amount is £1600. To activate it, just click on the button below. Note that you are required to make a deposit of at least £10. Or, make the most out of this one-time only offer by going for a larger amount. Everything you place into your account will return to you as the bonus money.

How to sign up with LeoVegas:

  • Step 1: The first step is to click on the Play Now Button. This acivates the LeoVegas bonus.
  • Step 2: Create a new user account. It’s takes only minutes. Just fill out the required info.
  • Step 3: Your account is now credited with 20 Free Spins just for signing up, and if you make a deposit you’ll get a LeoVegas welcome bonus of 200% up to £1600. Now you can play Six Acrobats online for real money.
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Are you prepared for the awsomness of this Asian-themed slot? Here are the game’s main features. Discover why this isn’t a conventional Culture-related slot. What follows are the fundimental components of Six Acrobats. Scroll all the way down the Six Acrobats review and you’ll find all the other answers to FAQ.

  • The number of reels can be important, that’s why Microgaming chose to go with a 5-reel setup. This typical number of reels can be quite rewarding, with exactly 9 paylines You will soon realize why.
  • You can play Six Acrobats for real money with only £0.09 per bet.
  • Take this slot on the road (and the loo) with the Six Acrobats mobile version.
  • Sit down and take some time to familiarize yourself with the rules, you’ll need to if you want to get good at this slot.
  • When it comes to winning big in Six Acrobats you can look forward to 390000 coins or £97500 in cash.
  • The Six Acrobats RTP is 96.5%. Sounds promising, right? We will come back to the topic of the slot games RTP.

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Six Acrobats Jackpot

There are no online slot jackpots included in this Microgaming game. What you can benefit from in lieu of a Six Acrobats jackpot is the Fire Kami symbol that can really help ramp up the winnings for Six Acrobats by multiplying your line stake by 1500. For example, betting the max amount of £22.5 on each spin could see you win £97500. This should be enough to help you forget about the missing Jackpot, at least for a while.

Playing Tips

If you’re new to the world of online slots, here’s a short guide on how to play Six Acrobats online for real money. The game pays left to right, but you need at least 3 matching symbols for a win. As soon as the game begins, modify your wager using the bet and coin dashboard controls. Higher settings make all wins bigger. Go for it, engage the Spin button.

You should read the instructions for games such as this because the game is harder to understand that your usual slot. Hopefully following the game’s step by step instructions will help you, along with the games intuitive rules menu.

Step 1: Six Acrobats real money mode vs free play

The primary thing to decide right now is in which way to play Six Acrobats online? Are you here just to exercise or are you a genuine slot geek here to score big? Six Acrobats offers you a chance to work out the ins and outs of the game without having to invest real money. Just find the free mode on the LeoVegas website or on LeoVegas mobile for people on the go. However, seeing as the greatest win in Six Acrobats can go as high as 15000 coins, or up to £3750 per each line you should definitely hurry up and learn to drive without the training wheels.

Step 2: Select the size of your credit

Your wager during Six Acrobats real money is totally up to you. Adjust it when and to what your LeoVegas account dictates as you are spinning. In fact, you can place the minimum £0.09, or go to £22.5 per spin. What you should remember is that on the 9 lines you won’t win easily, but when you do, it will be huge. Play around with the size of your wager with the handy bet size/value button.

Step 3: Spin

Usually in such intricately designed games you can select how many of the paylines you want to bet on. Not in Six Acrobats, though. You can only play on all 9 of them. Although, this, has some very positive implications – when the maximum number of lines is active, you’ll see your winnings maximized. That being so, you can plainly go on ahead and flick the Spin switch to start the main event. Use the Turbo button to make Six Acrobats 5 reels spin a lot faster or engage Auto Play. Let’s now go ahead and have a blast!

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As you may have gathered, Six Acrobats is a somewhat difficult 5-reeler. Nobody likes to bother with the rules, but with Six Acrobats you’ll need to read them in order to become a winner. Study the rules and get to know the game:

  • All the payouts are instructed by the paytable menu. Click the paytable button with its corresponding icon
  • Fetching the prizes is simple, just spin the reels and get3 of a kind of any symbol
  • The catch in this game is that you must select all of the
  • Payline wins are multiplied by line bet
  • The pay-outs here will be given in the left to right direction, yet the scatter will pay you any which way
  • The final score will be all the multiple values of wins on the paylines merged into one.
  • Should you get more the one winners, you’ll be paid just for the highest one
  • Scatter wins are combined with payline wins
  • The total bet is multiplied by the scatter wins
  • Generally, for every single scatter win there exists an exta multiplier – 2x
  • Every wild win includes an extra 5x multiplier
  • Payouts and prizes are going to be deemed as invalid when an malfunction happens on this slot’s sofrware or hardware. However, all bets are eligible for a refund.
  • Notice: Find the LeoVegas terms of use so that you’ll be aware of the procedures in cases when the game is not finished and to see how long you have before an inactive slot game turns off automatically

Paylines and Reels

Concerning the reel count; Microgaming made the decision of appointing 5 reels to this exhilarating label with which they try to attract attention to its Culture tag theme. The ever faithful downward direction is the one these 5 reels spin in Six Acrobats. Thus, it is possible, when you are playing this lively game just to concentrate on scoring that big win. Study each of the Six Acrobats slot symbols thoroughly, because they can become your dearest friends and bring you rich but rare winners. The reels have 12 squares that stop on random, including a wild and a scatter symbol.

Here’s a pro tip: for the best results , select all the Six Acrobats paylines. That’s the reason that Microgaming has not even considered an option to enable you to lower the payline selection – All 9 will always be active. Pay attention to the direction – these 9 paylines pay left to right. You can expect them to bring you colossal prizes. And with just 9 lines, every winner will be a valuable one.

Max Win Symbol

If you’re in it to win it, know that Microgaming gave this slot a very rewarding symbol – the Fire Kami which brings the top prize and is a kind of a jackpot symbol. With all 5 of these tiles, your balance will be boosted by 1500x line bet. When you put £2.5 – the highest line wager, the prize would amount to 15000 coins which carry £3750 for each of the win-carrying 9 paylines.

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More About Symbols

Microgaming included a total of 12 symbols into this online title. In addition to the Fire Kami which we’ve already discussed, this fun slot also involves:

  • The second best paying Knife Juggler symbol, rewarding 1000x line bet
  • The Diabolo Juggler tile multiplies the line bet 750 times
  • The Pot Balancer symbol, that also pay relatively well – 500 times your line bet
  • The Plate Juggler symbol which could result in a 200x line stake multiplier
  • The least paying Jack and 10 images, which give – 50x bet per line

Bonus Symbols

  • The Six Acrobats Logo wild icon
  • The Scatter icon

The Substitute Symbol

Six Acrobats has a wild symbol that’s easy to see – it’s called just like the game would suggest – Six Acrobats Logo. In Asian-themed video slot games the wild can substitute for any one of 12 symbols. Any scoring combinations that have the Six Acrobats Logo in its line pay 5 times more.

The Scatter Symbol

Another all-time favourite symbol in Six Acrobats is the Scatter. The cool detail about the Six Acrobats scatter is that there is no restiction put in place by the 9 lines. Its a win on every possible position. On top of this, it has an extra 2x multiplier that is activated everytime it shows up. The incredible Scatter of Six Acrobats also brings about the start of the freespins game. Nobody minds getting free spins and bonus rounds, do they? The other 12 symbols can’t measure up.

Special Features

Now that we’ve covered the details for the regular gameplay of this humorous slot game, let’s go one step further.

Free Spin Games

Free spins are a special feature during which you get to play Six Acrobats free of charge, but still win real money. It’s the Scatter symbol it appears as to signal the commencement of the next round. The free spins can be retriggered up to 25 times .

Is This 5-Reeler a Video Slot?

Totally! Consdering that this is a video game, this sleek slot title has some eye-catching graphics and super sounds to go with the Asian theme. So, it is fairly clear that this 5-reeler sits in the category of slots with contemporary graphics and visual effects. There is another type: classic slots, or Vegas-style fruit machines. These have their own style which still holds many players. Especially if they have a jaunty panache, like this game.


Having a completely Culture-themed game is the best case scenario, true? That’s why Microgaming wanted to let you enjoy Six Acrobats to the fullest by incorporating Culture-themed audio effect to go with the slot’s superior design. Nevertheless, it’s enough to press Six Acrobats mute-button and enjoy the game in silence, if you want to.

LeoVegas Download

Don’t be stuck in 2013 with LeoVegas download – it’s just not downloadable anymore. Now everyone has a fast enough bandwidth to play Six Acrobats online. Direct-play virtual casinos are much more trouble-free than the ones requiring an initial Six Acrobats download. It saves you time and doesn’t clog up your hard disk space. Worry not about Six Acrobats download, simply sign right up with LeoVegas, – all it takes is one click on the button below and win the motherload – £3750 in cash, per line.

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Information about Microgaming:

Address: MGS House, Circular Road, Douglas IM1 1BL
Active since: 1994
Founder: Martin Moshal
Products: Online and Mobile Gaming Applications, E-Gaming Platform, Gaming Products & Software Solutions, Gaming Operations

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about LeoVegas policies andSix Acrobats tips and tricks here.

What’s the slot RTP?

The RTP – short for Return to Player – is calculated from statistical tracking of Six Acrobats payouts over a long period of time. Expect an average of 93% to 96% in online slots that number 9 paylines.

How High is the Six Acrobats RTP?

Six Acrobats RTP of 96.5% guarantees that this fun video is fun for spinning.

How can I withdraw my winnings?

Collecting your win from Six Acrobats is very easy. All your earned cash is in your LeoVegas account. You only have to choose how to take out the winnings , and that’s all you need to do. In addition, if you wish, you can speak with LeoVegas customer services for more information.

What if I want to make a withdrawal to my credit card?

Visa and MasterCard are the most common choices , while Paysafe Card serves as the prepaid option.

I have Paypal. Can I utilize it to withdraw?

Sure, LeoVegas Paypal withdrawals are always popular. Other options include, services provided by Neteller and Skrill.

Can I play Six Acrobats for free?

Yes, you can play the fully functioning Six Acrobats free version : there is a no deposit bonus of 20 Free Spins you receive the moment you sign up by following the hyperlink that’s located under this text. Six Acrobats is also available for fun play on the site, but that won’t bring you any cash.

LeoVegas App

Yes, you have the chance to partake in all the benefits of Six Acrobats and its lucrative wins using the Six Acrobats app. Note: Be aware that there is only one LeoVegas app which is an official one, and it is absolutely free. Thus, please don’t pay or download this app from any odd-seeming websites.

The Verdict

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