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You could say that Mr Green is one of the best casinos there is. Besides Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots, you can play all sorts of African-themed online slots, all of them made to entertain you and make you a winner. And combine that with the Mr Green bonus that you can now receive. The bonus consists of: 100 free spins before a deposit and 100 free spins more as soon as you make one , and one more promo, that is actually a 100% first deposit match. The value of this Mr Green welcome bonus is £100.

Mr Green Free spins

Freespins are the best kind of online slots bonus – true or false? You answered true, right? They’re especially useful when you play Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots and other extravagant winnings slots. Since this is one of the best casinos out there, don’t be surprised that there is a Mr Green free spins offer for Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots. You’ll find a no deposit bonus – a gift of100 Mr Green free spins just so you feel welcome. Now, don’t be concerned about the amount of Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots free spins – there’s an abundance of them. Here, Mr Green will ask for a deposit of at least £10. This is when you’ll get the second round of bonus free spins – 100 of them, to be precise.

Mr Green No Deposit Bonus

Mr Green bonus will not ask for a cash deposit, so you can rest assured that 100 Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots free spins will await for you on account. Also, there are some other bonuses, but unlike these free spins, they do require a deposit. The required minimum is £10, so neither too high nor too low.

Mr Green Welcome Bonus

If only there was a way to play Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots free, without spending our own cash… Wait, that’s what the Mr Green Welcome Bonus is for! There may be up to £100 waiting for you because the casino is going to match the first deposit you make with a neat bonus of 100 percent. The best thing about this is that you can get it in just one click on the link we’ve provided here. Then login and deposit at least £10. Do not feel obligated to go for the smallest amount. Take into account that the casino will match your deposit, so your benefit – and the bonus – will rise with it.

How to sign up with Mr Green:

  • Step 1: That Mr Green bonus won’t activate by itself – you have to follow the link we gave you here.
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Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots Online: Main Features

Do you long for a good African-themed slot? Lightning Box Games humbly presents this Wilderness-related game. Read the Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots review and see why it is of the utmost importance that you give this slot a shot. Below you’ll find all the rule clarifications beginning with the basic features of the game.

  • The reels of this game are numbered 1 to 5, which is fairly standard, just like the 40 paylines.
  • The least you can bet with when you play Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots for real money is £0.48 per stake.
  • You’ll need to start carrying you charger with you if you install the Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots mobile friendly version.
  • It’s or sincere recommendation that you study the rules of this slot with care, ’cause Lightning Box Games put a lot of work into making them as intricate as possible, this is not your parent’s slot.
  • The highest amount you can win is when you hit 48000 coins or £60000 in cash.
  • The Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots RTP is 97.01%. Does this percentage sound grandiose? If you want find out what that in fact means, just carry on reading.

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Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots Jackpot

It may be odd, but with Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots, no online slot jackpots have been included. To balance this fact out, what you get from Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots is the top paying the Lion symbol, which can really mount up your winnings with a 200x line bet multiplier. Let’s put it like this: bet the maximum amount of £60 on each spin, and you’ll win £60000. This kind of win could be more than sufficent to be called a Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots Jackpot, right?

Playing Tips

If you’re new to the world of online slots, here’s a short guide on how to play Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots online for real money. The game pays left to right, but you need at least 2 matching symbols for a win. Before you take the plunge, set your bet by picking the coin amount. Big bets bring big wins, too. Now find the Spin button, and play.

Before starting you should concentrate on learning the hows and whys of the game. It’s more challenging than playing your basic slot. Following the instructions will help you tackle the few more difficult game mechanics that only the experts know of. Accompanying the instructions are the rules of the game which are very useful for understanding the core-game mechanics.

Step 1: Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots real money mode vs free play

By now you’ve had to have made a choice if you’re going to play Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots online with real money settings or if you just what to test the bother-free starters novice gamer mode that has no required payments.

Step 2: Pick your credit amount

Your wager amount remains fully flexible for the entire time of Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots real money play, allowing you to adjust it as and when you wish, depending on your gaming strategy. Go for the lowest bet of £0.48, or boost it up to £60 and bear in mind that the 40 lines don’t pay out easily or quickly. However, when the wins do come, they are amazing! It is possible for you to use coins for gambling on this Wilderness-themed game. With the line bet being coins, this wager can’t be lowered or raised, and yet you have the ability to raise or lower the coin values, with this being in the scope: £0.01 to £1.25. To set everything in one click, use the Bet Max button.

Step 3: Spin

When you have such a simple layout of the game, the paylines can’t be much different – hence, Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots doesn’t allow deactivating any of the lines. You have to wager on all the 40 default lines. And in fact that doesn’t have to spell failure; with all the lines active, your chances of success will significantly improve. Just go directly to the Spin button. Use the Auto Play option, if you want to take a nap. Don’t hesitate – your luckiest day starts now at Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots online!

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Just like we mentioned before, Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots is not a standard game. It takes focus and time before you can really enjoy this Lightning Box Games slot. Thankfully, the rules are quite clear, and very helpful. Here’s what you need to know:

  • All the payouts are issued by the paytable figure. Seek for the paytable command with its sister icon
  • 2 equal, neighboring symbols give out rewards.
  • You must bet on every single payline of the given 40
  • Line wins are multiplied with your chosen stake value per line
  • Payouts are added from the reels left to right excepting the scatter, it pays in all directions
  • Any multiple wins that exist on various paylines will be toted up
  • In case a payline holds multiple wins, the topmost win is going to your bankroll
  • Prizes from the scatter are combined with the payline prizes
  • Scatter wins multiply the total bet
  • All the wins and payouts incurred in any affected gaming sessions will be rendered invalid, and all bets refunded, in the case of a hardware or software malfunction
  • NB: The Mr Green terms of use give guidance for managing games that were not finished, along with the info on the auto-end time of games that are left unplayed

Reels and Paylines

Concerning the reel count; Lightning Box Games made the decision of appointing 5 reels to this exhilarating label with which they try to attract attention to its Wilderness tag theme. The 5 reels have the usual downward movement. So, Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots is not only a merry slot, but it’s also user-friendly, letting you concentrate on the rewards. It’d be good if you became well-acquainted with Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots symbols, as by doing so you will get those lucrative if a bit scarce wins. There are 13 icons here that will come up randomly, along with a wild and a scatter symbol.

Here’s a pro tip: for the best results, select all Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots paylines. That’s the reason that Lightning Box Games has not even considered an option to enable you to lower the payline selection – all 40 will always be active. The 40 paylines direction is important – it’s left to right. They will earn you profitable rewards. And with 40 paylines, you’ll come out significantly richer.

The Highest Paying Symbol

Do you want to boost your bankroll? Then hope for the most lucrative symbol in this slot – Lion. When you get 5, your win-line bet will be multiplied 200 times. With the £60 total bet winning this reward would bring a very hefty coins worth up to £12000 on each of the winning paylines.

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Other Symbols

This Lightning Box Games title is equipped with 13 tiles. Lion was already covered, but this amusing game has other tiles as well:

  • The Elephant and Rhino icons with top winning of 100x line stake
  • The mildly generous Zebra and Flamingos symbols which pay the line stake multiplier of 75x
  • The Ace icon is going to bring you a 60x line bet multiplier
  • If you see the King, Queen, Jack and 9 icons, know that a 50x line stake multiplier is coming your way.

Special Symbols

  • The Spaceship icon, which brings that famous Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots Jackpot
  • The Mountain wild symbol
  • The Diamond scatter symbol


Spotting the wild symbol in Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots isn’t difficult at all – the tile was called Mountain. The wild can replace any of the 13 different symbols in Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots on any of the 40 win lines. With Mountain you’d have to be a real-life cooler in order to not win in the Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots game! Getting it will bring you a 5000x multiplier. Mind you, an activated payline must have 5 of these symbols.


Among other fun symbols in Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots is the Scatter. This tile goes by Diamond. It’s interesting that the Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots scatter is in no way restricted by the 40 lines. It pays wherever it chooses to land. If all goes well, you can get as much as 800x – which all 5 of them combined can earn. This extraordinary Diamond scatter has the ability to start off the freespins mode – this is the only figure with such a huge potential.

Extra Games

Let’s talk about the features outside the standard gameplay.

Free Spins

Any Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots punter will appreciate the Diamond Pick free spins bonus simply because you they will bring you the option to play Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots free, meaning you won’t have to spend any money in order to make money! The beginning of the round is indicated by the Diamond symbol, and it also works as a Scatter. You can keep the free spins coming for a finite amount of 10 rounds .

Did Lightning Box Games make Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots a Video Slot?

Totally! Consdering that this is a video game, this incomplex slot title has some eye-catching graphics and super sounds to go with the African theme. The interesting graphics Lightning Box Games applied here put this title undoubtedly into the video online slots category. These are different then the classic slot games that also have a large player base and bring new players daily. However, the difference is purely visual.

In-game Audio

Characteristic audio is what you’ll find in this Wilderness-themed slot. With this 40-payline slot’s simple graphics, the tunes make perfect sense.

Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots Download

Bad news for those searching for a Mr Green download – it’s not 2013 anymore. Play Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots online, like we all do nowadays. With online casinos that offer this 5-reeler, the instant-play casinos which include Mr Green are a little more handy than those that call for the download of this fine game. Who downloads anything anymore? No need to waste one second more on Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots download. Use the time to get a Mr Green account. by clicking the hyperlink beneath and simply target winning the best prize there is – £12000 per line.

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Lightning Box Games Info

Established: 2004
Specialties: Desktop, Mobile and Social iGaming Software, Land-based Slot Machines, Business Consulting
Headquarters: P.O. Box 166, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Sydney


Got a question about Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots? Check our section below.

What’s RTP?

The three letters RTP – are short for Return to Player – It’s calculated by statistically tracking the Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots payments over a long – exact period of time. In the instance of a slot with 40 paylines the percentage will be somewhere along the lines of 93% to 96%.

What can I expect based on the Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots RTP?

Withdrawal instructions

So you won big time! Now what? Well, collecting your money is pretty straightforward. Check your Mr Green account ballance to view how much you’ve won. You only have to choose how to take out the winnings . And that’s all she wrote. Mr Green also has a customer support service that can give you any information you need.

Can I use my credit card to make a withdrawal?

Yes, Mr Green now accepts Visa and also MasterCard , and Paysafe Card is there as a valid prepaid choice.

Is using Paypal allowed?

Yes, Mr Green Paypal withdrawals are a popular option. Just like Paypal, you can find use for Neteller and Skrill.

Can I also try a Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots free play mode?

You can rest assured that you’ll be able to play Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots free – almost entirely thanks to the 100 Mr Green free spins . Follow the hyperlink bellow to find the Mr Green no deposit bonus. playing Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots fun mode is a choice also at the casino website, if you think it’s fun to not win any money.

Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots App

Absolutely – enjoy all the advantages of the Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots rare but major prizes using the Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots app. NB:There is only one official Mr Green app, and it’s free. Do not pay for it or download it from suspicious looking websites.

Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots – Pros and Cons

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