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221B Baker Street Online: Main Features

You’re probably here because Crime-themed slots are your favourite pastime. You should know that the Merkur Gaming team is very proud of this beauty. With its shining 5 reels you must admit that this game looks very interesting, even if you don’t care for Murder Mystery-related slots. In this 221B Baker Street review you’ll be able to read every little detail about it, starting with the main features.

  • The reels of this game are numbered 1 to 5, which is fairly standard, just like the 20 paylines.
  • The least you can bet with when you play 221B Baker Street for real money is £0.01 per stake.
  • As of this year there have been no updates on an upcoming 221B Baker Street mobile phone version.
  • You might want to take some time to learn the ropes of 221B Baker Street, you’ll need to put on your thinking cap if you want to progress in this slot-game.
  • When it comes to winning big in 221B Baker Street you can look forward to 20000 £ in cash.
  • It’s interesting that the 221B Baker Street RTP is 96%. It’s kind of disappointing at first glance, it seems like it doesn’t amount to that much, but don’t forget to take into account what else 221B Baker Street has to offer.

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221B Baker Street Jackpot

No online slot jackpots of any kind here. No, don’t despair, 221B Baker Street jackpot was substituted with the Gun tile that will get your VideoSlots bankroll bursting with cash with a multiplier of 600 times your line wager. Imagine you bet the max amount of £40 on each spin – this will help you win £20000! Winning that much should hopefully ease the fact that there is no jackpot in the slot.

Guide to Playing

Need additional info about how to play 221B Baker Street online for real money? Then this online slots review is perfect for you. Before you take the plunge, set your bet using the bet size toggle. Hit Spin, and see what you get.

However, before you do, make sure that you read the instructions below. This is a relatively complicated game, and beginners might find it confusing at times. We hope you find this step-by-step guide helpful, but in the case you find yourself unsure of any part of the gameplay, just take a peek at the game’s rules.

Although excellent, this game could be confusing at first glance. The game is harder to understand that your usual slot. Check the step-by-step guide below . The rules included with the game are very useful for understanding the core-game mechanics, too.

Step 1: Which is better – the demo version or 221B Baker Street with real money?

What’s now left is to decide if you’re entering the play-test free version or the real-bets pro version when you wish start to play 221B Baker Street online. That’s the idea – but VideoSlots has taken a new approach and closed the free-play build. This bold move leaves the door wide open for some lucrative 221B Baker Street real money prizes. Go and get that through-the-roof maximum prize of £1200 per line.

Step 2: Choose your credit size

Bet size in 221B Baker Street real money is freely changeable, and entirely up to you. Merkur Gaming gave you the chance to alter it as and when it suits you. You can set it to the minimum: £0.01, or go as high as £40 in a single spin. Let’s not forget that this enthralling slot game has small but plentiful wins, so you can place insubstantial wagers and yet still get a reasonable return. Since you first spin the 5 reels, your bet is completely adaptable. You can adjust it to fit your 221B Baker Street real money play aspirations and your VideoSlots bankroll, of course. If you wish, you can set the minimum – £0.01, or go as high as £40 per spin. Let’s not forget that this enthralling slot game has small but plentiful wins, so you can place insubstantial wagers and yet still get a reasonable return. It’s easy to tweak your bet in 221B Baker Street – simply set you preferred amount using the designated Bet Max button. Use the bet size button for a precise tuning of your wager.

Step 3: Selecting active paylines

Now you need to turn to those paylines. You can place your wager on as little as one win-lines Deciding on this value will lower you stake – as low as £0.01, at that point your odds of winning will also plummet. It’s generally much better to stick to the maximum number of paylines, so activate all 20 of them. You’ll probably note your stake’s gone up , going from £0.2 to £40, according to your preferences. You must realize it’s unrealistic to expect to select just winning lines and activate them. After that’s sorted out, come forth and click Spin to start the action. It’s possible to speed up the 5 reels if you press 221B Baker Street Turbo toggle, plus you can play effortlessly using Auto Play. Woo-hoo! It’s play time!

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By now you must have realized that 221B Baker Street is not a simple 5-reel slot. Reading rules is sometimes boring, but in this case they are very important, for you will be provided with a better chance of sitting on the 221B Baker Street winners throne. Take some time and introduce yourself with an overview of the rules menu:

As we said earlier, 221B Baker Street is’nt a run-of-the-mill slot. You need to master it first before truly enjoying this Merkur Gaming title. But the rules are easy to follow and they will help. These are the details:

  • Check out the paytable for info on payouts, you can access it when you click the button located on the main screen
  • Prizes are guaranteed for a minimum of 2 symbols of any kind
  • Like most slots, 221B Baker Street gives you a choice of selecting less than the default maximum number of (paylinees) paylines
  • It’s logical that the winning combinations are only on the paylines you are playing – but there’s also the scatter win, which is great wherever it happens
  • The total cash win is deduced by multiplying the line bet with the line wins
  • Payouts are made from the left to the right reels with the scatter exception, as it pays in both ways
  • If there are multiple wins on various paylines, they will be added up
  • If there are more wins on a single payline, only the worthiest one is paid
  • Scatter and payline wins are going to be paid collectively
  • Rewards from the scatter will multiply the total bet
  • Should there be a failure of the gaming hardware or software, the following will occur: the wins and payments will be automatically rendered null and void, and the bets involved will be compensated
  • Notice: Find the VideoSlots terms of use so that you’ll be aware of the procedures in cases when the game is not finished and to see how long you have before an inactive slot game turns off automatically

Paylines and Reels

Merkur Gaming, regarding the reel number, assigned this special game 5 reels. It’s maybe a call to the Murder Mystery main theme of this animated pastime. The course of how the 5 reels spin in 221B Baker Street is from the topmost line down. In effect, as you are spinning this pleasurable slot game, all you need to do is plan how to win. Commit 221B Baker Street icons to memory – these babies are bringing you not infrequent rewards. Actually, the reels have 11 tiles which materialize randomly, including the slot’s wild and scatter symbol.

Generally paylines serve to determine winnings, and 221B Baker Street is no exception. There are 20 lines, the more you select the closer you are to winning that £20000 premier prize. Here’s a pro tip: for the best results, select all 221B Baker Street paylines. Even if everybody knows that, Merkur Gaming still gave us the option to take away selected lines so as to end up with victory money coming only from one line just by pressing the yes button. But as we warned you – this is not the way to go if you ever hope to receive the central prize of 221B Baker Street. The paylines are there to generate rewards and 221B Baker Street was given 20 of them. Their main task is to boost your bankroll with 20000 £. In order to have the best results, choose all 221B Baker Street win-lines. But you don’t have to listen to us, Merkur Gaming has enabled you to select as little a number of paylines as you want, even only one line just by pressing the yes button. What a waste of time that would be, and would also dwarf your prizes in the otherwise lucky online slot 221B Baker Street. 221B Baker Street has 20 paylines that pay left to right. 221B Baker Street will pay very often. Moreover, Merkur Gaming decided to give 221B Baker Street lines the left to right payout direction. They will earn you frequent rewards. And with 20 paylines, you’ll come out significantly richer.

Max Win Symbol

Merkur Gaming gave us the Gun tile – one of the most profitable tiles here that’s a kind of a jackpot bringing the top winner. You’ll get a 600x line bet with 5 of them. The prize may come up to 600-fold line bet, but only if all 20 paylines are in play and the bet is the maximum £2 per line.

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Other Symbols

There’s the Gun symbol, which is the highest paying one, but there are also 11 symbols in this slot with cool design:

  • The next-to-best Poison symbol, with its 500x line bet
  • The Magnifying Glass icon was tasked with multiplying your line bet by 400x
  • The Ace and King figures carry 250x line stake
  • When you get the Queen and Jack symbols, you can expect to get your line bet multiplied 100 times.

Special Symbols

  • The Big Ben symbol that activates Free Spins
  • The Duel symbol – gets the Bonus Feature under way
  • The Sherlock wild symbol
  • The Moriarty and Duel scatter tile

Wild Symbol

Spotting the wild symbol in 221B Baker Street isn’t difficult at all – what you’re looking for is the Sherlock tile. Replacing any symbol is what the wild does in this Crime-themed video slot game. So if you don’t score often with Sherlock, the only explanation is that you’ve been cursed by a mummy! When it is alone it will give you a 10000x multiplier, providing you have 5 of them.


Amongst 221B Baker Street cool symbols is the Scatter. This scatter’s name is Moriarty and Duel. The thing about the 221B Baker Street scatter that everyone loves is that it’s not restricted by the 20 lines. It pays on any position. You could be in for 2000x that’s awarded for all 5.

Special Features

Now that we’ve covered the details for the regular gameplay of this humorous slot game, let’s go one step further.

Free Spins

Any 221B Baker Street punter will appreciate the Big Ben free spins bonus simply because you they will bring you the option to play 221B Baker Street free, meaning you won’t have to spend any money in order to make money! You’ll get this bonus with the Big Ben figure. These spins are free, but not limitless – you have 20 of them .

The Duel Feature

Does an additional win of £4000 sound good? The Duel extra game can be a nice break from spinning. Additionally, you would be pocketing some cool prizes. The game starts with the Duel symbol.

The Gamble Round

Want to double your win? This Merkur Gaming release gives you this extra Card Gamble and Ladder Gamble risk feature, whereby you can gamble your 221B Baker Street win if you are looking for an extra buzz and seeking more cash. Once you’ve made up your mind, start the Card Gamble and Ladder Gamble game and press Red or Black icon. Your prize will be doubled by this 5-reeler if you chose the money-doubling button. In the case you were wrong, you’ll say goodbye only to the amount you wagered. Any time you win in 221B Baker Street you’ll be presented with the risk game. This 221B Baker Street feature may result in £140 of extra money.

221B Baker Street – Is it a VideoSlot?

Oh yes! It’s fairly simple to place this Merkur Gaming game in the branch of visually advanced releases. There are also classic slots with such entertaining flair, that even though they may seem a little underdevelopped, they still boast countless fans who love to play them.

The Sounds in 221B Baker Street

When you play a Murder Mystery-themed slot, you want a complete experience, right? Merkur Gaming dedicated itself to making playing 221B Baker Street as genuine as possible, so it produced Murder Mystery-themed sounds to accompany the intricately designed interface of the game. Of course, VideoSlots punters are able to mute 221B Baker Street audio if they wish so. This contemporary game will allow you to turn the volume up or down.

VideoSlots Download

No option for VideoSlots download means you have no other choice than to play 221B Baker Street online. Virtual casinos made by Merkur Gaming title, like VideoSlots are more accessible because of their instant-play option – they are the new wave, so out with the downloadable slot machine simulations of the past generation. Erase the thoughts of 221B Baker Street download now, and only remember to open a new account at VideoSlots – there’s a button below that you should click and then start spinning for the best multiplier of 600x your line stake.

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Quick Info on Merkur Gaming:

Operating since: 2005
Location: Borsigstraße 26 Lübbecke, 32312
Activities: Dispensers, AWP and Casino Machines, Casino Game Development

FAQ Section

Do you want to know more about VideoSlots promotions or 221B Baker Street strategies? Read on!

What is slot RTP?

RTP is short for a Return to Player percentage which is derived from collecting statistics on 221B Baker Street payouts over an extensive period of time. They are percentage notations. For example you’ll find that the RTP is between 93% to 96% in slots with 20 paylines.

What can I expect based on the 221B Baker Street RTP?

Considering 221B Baker Street RTP of 96%, this fun video game gives solid entertainment and throws a very fair return rate into the bargain. 221B Baker Street RTP of 96% guarantees that this fun video is fun for spinning.

How to withdraw 221B Baker Street winnings?

Collecting your win from 221B Baker Street is very easy. The wins you’ve generated will automatically show up on your VideoSlots account. All you do then is choose your method for withdrawing , and there you have it. Should you require additional info, don’t hesitate to ask contact VideoSlots customer support for details.

What if I want to make a withdrawal to my credit card?

Credit cards from MasterCard and Visa will both work , and the prepaid Paysafe Card provides perhaps an even more flexible option.

I have Paypal. Can I utilize it to withdraw?

Not really, VideoSlots Paypal withdrawals are out of the question. How about using Skrill or Neteller instead? If you like, you can ask for a wire transfer.

Is it possible to play 221B Baker Street free of charge?

Definitely. You can play 221B Baker Street free of charge courtesy of 11 Free Spins you receive once you log in. In order to get your hands on the VideoSlots no deposit bonus all you need to do is follow the bellow hyperlink.

221B Baker Street App

A 221B Baker Street app isn’t an option. But, if you are adamant on spinning this game on an Android or Apple device, visit the VideoSlots web page and spin your heart out with many post-millennialist slots via it’s internet browser. However, be wary of web sites selling the VideoSlots app, as they are all fake!


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