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Use our review to easily have the most enjoyable internet slots relax-time. If you want to play Oink: Country Love online, read the paragraphs below to get tutored on how. The optimal way to start is to make an LeoVegas account by pressing the visible button above.

Play Oink: Country Love at LeoVegas

LeoVegas, the website to be if you are in search of a way to play Oink: Country Love and other Farm-themed light-hearted Microgaming online entertainment machines. In addition, a LeoVegas bonus also helps keep things interesting. Here’s what you can get 20 free spins immediately after you sign up, 100 more spins after you’ve made your first deposit , and a £1600 LeoVegas welcome bonus: a 200% match of your first deposit.

LeoVegas Free spins

Quickly – Free Spins are the best? Yes or No? How many of you have answered – yes? They make playing enchanting online slots like Oink: Country Love even more fun. This online casino offers the best LeoVegas free spins combo for Oink: Country Love online. Let’s start with 20 LeoVegas free spins you get immediately when you sign up – without the need to deposit one single penny. Ran out of Oink: Country Love free spins? The fun doesn’t have to stop just yet. A new batch is awarded after you make your first deposit of at least £10. Only then you’ll receive the second bonus: 100 free spins.

LeoVegas No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit LeoVegas bonus is not given in cash. Instead, 20 Oink: Country Love free spins will land on your account. Other bonus offers are available, too, but they are tied to your deposit. Still, the £10, which is the minimum amount required, sounds very reasonable.

LeoVegas Welcome Bonus

Do the words ‘LeoVegas Welcome Bonus’ sound like fun to you? That’s because it’s fun to play Oink: Country Love free, which is exactly what you will be doing. Right now, there is a 200% bonus with the maximum amount of £1600 for you to enjoy. Good news keep on coming – you’ll love how easily you can grab this promo. Direct your attention towards the button right underneath these lines, and click it. There is a deposit requirement: £10. But, also note that this is a deposit match offer, so the more you deposit, the more bonus money you will receive.

How to sign up with LeoVegas:

  • Step 1: The first step is to click on the Play Now Button. This acivates the LeoVegas bonus.
  • Step 2: Go to new account page. Put in the usual information.
  • Step 3: Check your account ballance. You have just received 20 Free Spins just for signing up, and if you make a deposit you’ll get a LeoVegas welcome bonus of 200% up to £1600.
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Are you prepared for the awsomness of this Farm-themed slot? Here are the game’s main features. Discover why this isn’t a conventional Cartoon-related slot. What follows are the fundimental components of Oink: Country Love. Scroll all the way down the Oink: Country Love review and you’ll find all the other answers to FAQ.

  • Hey, it’s one of those 5-reeled slots. It’s a standard for 90% of all slots, an odd number of reels. It’s not that boring because helping you collect money are an array of 45 paylines.
  • If you’re just starting out, stick with the minimum bet, and play Oink: Country Love for real money with a £0.5 per wager.
  • Also, there is a Oink: Country Love mobile game available.
  • It’s or sincere recommendation that you study the rules of this slot with care, ’cause Microgaming put a lot of work into making them as intricate as possible, this is not your parent’s slot.
  • The top prize is 500000 coins or £125000 in cash.
  • The Oink: Country Love RTP is 96.47%. It takes the cake. Read on to explore what makes it of great significance in internet slots such as this.

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Oink: Country Love Jackpot

Oddly enough, this 5-reeler contains no online slot jackpots. Instead of a Oink: Country Love jackpot, you can hit 5 of the Miss Southern Charm symbols which can truly increase your rewards for this Microgaming release by means of a 225x line stake multiplier. The question is, how? Well, if you bet the max amount of £125, this can equate to you winning £28125 per each line you wager on. Winning this should hopefully ease the fact that there is no jackpot in the slot.

Learn to Play

If you have any questions about how to play Oink: Country Love online for real money, we have prepared a brief overview. All left to right combos containing 2 or more alike symbols are eligible for a win. As soon as the game begins, modify your wager through various coin settings. You’ll notice your stake is now higher, but this goes for wins you make, too. Click on the Spin button and start your first spin.

You should read the instructions for games such as this because the game is harder to understand that your usual slot. Hopefully following the game’s step by step instructions will help you, along with the games intuitive rules menu.

Step 1: Oink: Country Love real money mode vs free play

We want to assist you in deciding whether you’ll play Oink: Country Love online for an actual currency or if you want to spin the fun money free version.

Step 2: Choose your credit size

Your wager during Oink: Country Love real money is totally up to you. Adjust it when and to what your LeoVegas account dictates as you are spinning. In fact, you can place the minimum £0.5, or go to £125 per spin. What you should remember is that on the 45 lines you won’t win easily, but when you do, it will be huge. You can also use coins for wagering in this Cartoon-themed slot. The line bet is coins, which you can’t reduce or increase, but you can decrease or increase their value, which can range from £0.01 to £0.25. Seeking a fast way to wager exactly as much as you want? Just click the Bet Max button.

Step 3: Spin

Usually in such intricately designed games you can select how many of the paylines you want to bet on. Not in Oink: Country Love, though. There’s just one choice – playing on all 45. But don’t fret, it’s for your own benefit – with all the lines active, your chances of success will significantly improve. It’s, therefore, high time to start pressing the Spin button. Oink: Country Love also has a Turbo function which makes the 5 reels go faster, plus, there’s an Auto Play option to make the reels spin on their own. Woo-hoo! It’s play time!

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Do not be discouraged by the complexity of this slot. It is only natural to be confused considering it’s quite intricate. However, Oink: Country Love comes with a set of rules which are coherent:

  • The paytable measures out the payouts, it can be toggled with its icon
  • 2 equal, neighboring symbols give out rewards
  • The rules are a set in stone number of 45 lines to play on
  • The total cash win is deduced by multiplying the line bet with the line wins
  • The win payout starts with the reel on the left, paying from left to right over consecutive reels, excepting the scatter, which pays in any given order
  • In the case of any multiple wins on a variety of paylines, there will be a tally up
  • In a payline with multiple wins, it is the highest win that is paid out
  • Scatter wins are combined with payline wins
  • The total bet amount will depend on the scatter win multipication
  • Should there occur an error in the game hardware or software, all the involved wins as well as payouts will be rendered null and void. Also, all the involved bets will be refunded
  • NB: Confer with the terms and conditions of LeoVegas so as to be on familiar terms with the procedures for the management of the game rounds which are not finished. This is also valid for the time following the automatic ending of inactive play sessions

Reels and Paylines

Microgaming decided that this thrilling slot should have 5 reels which fit completely in with the Cartoon theme. The well-known downward direction is the only way these 5 reels move in the popular Oink: Country Love. It’s thus achievable, when spinning them in this snuggly game to only focus on racking in those big ones. It’d be good if you became well-acquainted with Oink: Country Love symbols, as by doing so you will get those lucrative if a bit scarce wins. The reels possess 14 tiles which show up randomly, including a wild and a scatter symbol. Furthermore, you can expect one special tile: Mixed Wilds.

Paylines in Oink: Country Love and other slots in general serve to decide the 5 reels’ payouts. All 45 of them are meandering across the reels and they help collect the amazing £125000. Everybody knows that the best strategy in Oink: Country Love online is to select more, if not all the paylines. So don’t even think about it, Microgaming knows what’s good for you and has disabled any such nonsense. In Oink: Country Love you can expect 45 paylines to give out the payouts left to right. Oink: Country Love doesn’t pay out only the lowest prizes, there are some generous rewards available here.

Max Win Symbol

All of us who prioritize winning in this title should pay attention to the Miss Southern Charm, the slot’s jackpot symbol which carries the biggest prize. Hit all 5 of them and see your balance grow by 225x line bet. To win the £28125, you’ll need make an investment – all 45 paylines active, and£125 wagered per each spin.

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Symbols and Tiles

Including the aforementioned the Miss Southern Charm symbol, there are 14 symbols in this nicely designed slot:

  • The Chicken tile that carries the 175x line wager
  • The Horse, Cow and Sheep symbols, paying 100x per line
  • The Ace symbol has a payout of 90 times your wager per line
  • The King symbol that awards 80x of the line bet
  • In the end, you may earn a small winning with the 10 tile – 50x line stake

Bonus Symbols

  • The Willy and Chancho wild tile
  • The Ticket scatter image


The wild symbol in Oink: Country Love is easy to spot – what you’re looking for is the Willy and Chancho tile. This Farm-style Wild tile can replace any of the 14 other symbols in this video game. thus making any combination of symbols into a win. And aligning only the wild can pay 1000x. All 5 reels must show the wild on an active payline.

The Ticket Scatter

Among other fun symbols in Oink: Country Love is the Scatter. It’s called the Ticket. It’s interesting that the Oink: Country Love scatter is in no way restricted by the 45 lines. It pays wherever it chooses to land. You can get a maximum of 150x – and that is the reward for all 5. The almighty Ticket scatter also triggers the freespins game. And who doesn’t like freespins and bonus games? None of the other 14 symbols can do that. With all of it’s powers combined this symbol can get you a 150x – but only if you see all 5 tiles on the screen.

Bonus Features

Now that we’ve covered the details for the regular gameplay of this wholesome slot game, let’s go one step further.

Free Rounds

Free spins are a special feature during which you get to play Oink: Country Love free of charge, but still win real money. The Ticket symbol, that you remember as the Oink: Country Love Scatter, triggers this bonus feature. The free-of-charge spins are possible to execute 80 times, no more .

Is Oink: Country Love a Video Slot?

Totally! Consdering that this is a video game, this fashionable slot title has some eye-catching graphics and super sounds to go with the Farm theme. It’s obvious that Oink: Country Love belongs to the category of graphically more advanced slots. Apart from such games, there are also classic slots with such dreamy flair, whose retro style still attracts numerous punters.


To players familiar with Oink: Country Love and its Farm theme and design, authentic sounds are inevitable. Here, Microgaming prudently selected the tones bringing closer to LeoVegas punters the subject-matter of this 5-reeler. Also, the slot’s max line bet multiplier of 225x line stake will be in harmony with its sounds. However, if you want scilence, know that the 5-reeler comes with a mute option.

Download LeoVegas

You won’t see a possibility of a LeoVegas download. That is why you have to play Oink: Country Love direct online. Now, the download procedure takes up more time and space on the computer, so these online casinos which include this 5-reeler or these instant-play casinos are slightly more convenient to use. Forget about Oink: Country Love download, just register with LeoVegas by clicking on the link below and win the top prize in Oink: Country Love: 500000 coins that can be worth up to £125000.

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About Microgaming:

Main Address: MGS House, Circular Road, Douglas IM1 1BL
Year of establishment: 1994
Founder: Martin Moshal
Operations: E-Gaming Platform, Gaming Products & Software Solutions, Online and Mobile Gaming Applications, Gaming Operations

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about playing Oink: Country Love at LeoVegas:

What’s the slot RTP?

RTP is an acronym from Return to Player which is a calculated payout percentage made by the Oink: Country Love algorithm over an extensive stretch of time. In the instance of a slot with 45 paylines the percentage will be somewhere along the lines of 93% to 96%.

How High is the Oink: Country Love RTP?

With Oink: Country Love RTP rate of 96.47% that stands up well to other Microgaming slots, this game seems quite relaxing

Withdrawal instructions

Getting your cash from this Microgaming title is really and truly hassle-free. Your wins are placed into your LeoVegas account. All you do then is choose your method for withdrawing , and bingo! Also, you can ask LeoVegas customer support for more info on the limits.

Can my credit card be accepted when making a withdrawal?

You can find all leading credit card brands listed , as well as a prepaid Paysafe Card.

Can I use Paypal?

Yes, LeoVegas Paypal withdrawals are a popular option. There are other options as well, like Skrill and Neteller.

Is there a possibility of playing Oink: Country Love free?

The answer is yes. Anybody can play Oink: Country Love free – almost entirely thanks to the 20 LeoVegas free spins you get when you sign up with. Get the LeoVegas no deposit bonus by clicking the hyperlink that’s found bellow. The Oink: Country Love fun play edition is also a setting possibility if you’ve visited the casino web page. Accept that you can’t earn money that way.

LeoVegas App

Indeed, you can enjoy all the benefits of the Oink: Country Love considerable if rare payouts using the Oink: Country Love app. Take note: There is only one official totally free LeoVegas app. So please take care not to pay for the app or download it from suspicious websites.


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