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We can tell you that LeoVegas represents an online casino which can offer many entertaining Microgaming titles and Monster Wheels is just one of them. What more can you wish for? A LeoVegas bonus? They have that, as well! LeoVegas has a special offer, and here’s what it is: 20 free spins without a deposit and 100 additional free spins when you make a deposit , more money will be yours with the 200% match deposit bonus, also known as the LeoVegas welcome bonus. This means you could get £1600.

LeoVegas Free spins

Is there anything greater than a bunch of free spins? We suppose not. They make playing first-rate payments online slots like Monster Wheels even more fun. Your soon-to-be favourite online casino delivers not one but two LeoVegas free spins offers for Monster Wheels online, beginning with 20 LeoVegas free spins you’ll receive upon sign-up – no deposit needed. The thing with Monster Wheels free spins is that you’ll find a copious amount of them. A small token of your gratitude is required – in the form of a £10 minimum deposit. And voilà! You have 100 more free spins!

LeoVegas No Deposit Bonus

LeoVegas bonus promotions come in many shapes and forms, but the one that won’t ask for a deposit is the Monster Wheels free spins feature. You will have 20 free spins. You’ll have to invest £10 to make the minimum deposit, which is an average sum when it comes to slot games.

LeoVegas Welcome Bonus

Remember these words: LeoVegas Welcome Bonus. This is the feature which unlocks Monster Wheels free play. Depending on the deposited amount, the bonus can be £1600 – that’s a bonus of 200 percent. You’ll be a proud owner of this promo by clicking the link given here. The deposit you have to make has the lower limit at £10. Making the deposit higher is a vital decision as you’ll be receivig a match bonus from the casino.

How to sign up with LeoVegas:

  • Step 1: Activate the LeoVegas bonus by clicking through from this review.
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You’ve probably come because slots with a Racing-theme are your ideal pastime. You can be sure that this game is the Microgaming team’s star attraction. With its shimmering 5 reels you have to admit that the slot looks pretty engaging, when you don’t even care for Cartoon-related games. In this Monster Wheels review we’ll be able to analyze it’s every smallest detail, beginning with the main features.

  • The reels in this slot are numbered 1 to 5. Bearing in mind that 5 reels are banal, the uncommon 288 ways to win make the configuration a tad more amusing.
  • The minimum bet you must place to play Monster Wheels for real money is £0.3 per bet.
  • There is also a Monster Wheels mobile version available.
  • It’s or sincere recommendation that you study the rules of this slot with care, ’cause Microgaming put a lot of work into making them as intricate as possible, this is not your parent’s slot.
  • The top prize is 2300000 coins or £115000 in cash.
  • The return to player in this game is 95.85%. It doesn’t look that substantial? Don’t worry, because it’s not all about the Monster Wheels RTP . You’ll see why when we explain it more thoroughly in the next paragraph.

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Monster Wheels Jackpot

Strangely, no online slot jackpots were introduced for this 5-reeler. So, instead of a Monster Wheels jackpot, you have the She-Devil, Dracula, Zombie, Lagoon Creature, Werewolf and Frankenstein symbol which is there to boost your account with 300x of your line bet. And the math is simple: with a maximum bet amount of £15 on each spin, you stand to receive £115000. This kind of win could be more than sufficent to take your mind off of chasing slot game jackpots, right?

Guide to Playing

In order to be successful when you play Monster Wheels online for real money, there are a couple of pointers we’d like to give you. Monster Wheels is a dynamic 288 ways to win slot that rewards with the minimum 2 identical symbols on a payline. Their order must be left to right. Default bet value is rarely exactly what you want, so use the time to set your bet size and amount, by choosing one of the preset settings and adjursting the value of each coin. Big bets bring big wins, too. Now find the Spin button, and play.

You should read the instructions for games such as this because the game is harder to understand that your usual slot. Hopefully following the game’s step by step instructions will help you, along with the games intuitive rules menu.

Step 1: Monster Wheels real money mode vs free play

The primary thing to decide right now is in which way to play Monster Wheels online? Are you here just to exercise or are you a genuine slot geek here to score big?

Step 2: Pick your preferred credit amount

Since you first spin the 5 reels, your bet is completely adaptable. You can adjust it to fit your Monster Wheels real money play aspirations and your LeoVegas bankroll, of course. If you wish, you can set the minimum – £0.3, or go as high as £15 per spin. The players can set their bets in this 5-reeler, so don’t forget that on the 288 ways to win the pay-out may be huge, although it takes some time. Play around with the size of your wager with the handy bet size/value button.

Step 3: Pay-line choice

Your next stop is the ways to win selection. You need to have at least 128 active. And even though such a selection choice will yield a cheap stake of £0.3, you also won’t be in the position to win much. In all honesty, it’s best that you play on all 288 ways to win. It’s going to reflect on the size of your stake which will go higher , amounting to £15. However, you’d have to be pretty lucky to pick only the lines you will win on. Now that that’s done with, go press the Spin key. Monster Wheels also has a Turbo function which makes the 5 reels go faster, plus, there’s an Auto Play option to make the reels spin on their own. Let’s now go ahead and have a blast!

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As you may have gathered, Monster Wheels is a somewhat difficult 5-reeler. Nobody likes to bother with the rules, but with Monster Wheels you’ll need to read them in order to become a winner. Study the rules and get to know the game:

  • The payouts follow the rules of the paytable, turn it on by pressing the icon
  • Any 2 or more of the same, adjacent symbols can put you on the receiving end of some form of prize
  • You can choose to bet on one or more of the possible 288 ways to win
  • It is just the prize-winning patterns played on selected paylines that are paid out, except in case of wins brought by scatters
  • The total cash win is deduced by multiplying the line bet with the line wins
  • Pay-outs are carried out from left to right, which is not the case with scatter wins, as it pays any
  • if you win on two or more paylines, your total prize is the sum of all these wins, combined
  • In the case of multiple wins on a single payline, the only paid one is the highest one
  • Scatter and payline wins are combined together
  • Scatters can materialize on reels 1, 3 and 5
  • You’ll find a wild on reel 3
  • When the gaming software or hardware malfunctions, all winners and payouts will be considered void and those bets will be refunded
  • Note: Take a look at the LeoVegas terms and conditions in order to find out what are the rules when a round isn’t finished and what time will an inactive play end automatically

Reels and Paylines

When choosing the number of reels for this fine online slot, Microgaming very carefully decided to give it 5 reels that really enhance its Cartoon theme. The 5 reels have the usual downward movement. So, Monster Wheels is not only a merry slot, but it’s also user-friendly, letting you concentrate on the rewards. Monster Wheels symbols is something you should know by heart since they will bring you colossal prizes. Actually, the reels have 14 tiles which materialize randomly, including the slot’s wild and scatter symbol.

Microgaming went for an alternative payline system for this slot and gave it 288 ways to win. Do not fret – this 5-reeler is really not complicated. Once you line up 2 symbols on adjancent reels, you can win up to 300x of the line bet. Consider the 14 figures as scatters that will fill up your bankroll with that sweet cash you came to collect.

Top Reward Symbol

If you’re in it to win it, know that Microgaming gave this slot a very rewarding symbol – the She-Devil, Dracula, Zombie, Lagoon Creature, Werewolf and Frankenstein – a kind of a jackpot symbol which brings the top prize. With all 5 of these tiles, your balance will be boosted by 300x line bet. If you have the maximum line bet of £ the reward will bring a nice sum of coins, which is £ for every winning 288 ways to win.

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Symbols and Tiles

Apart from the She-Devil, Dracula, Zombie, Lagoon Creature, Werewolf and Frankenstein, the imagery of this Microgaming title involves various other symbols, including:

  • The Ace tile that carries the 75x line wager
  • The middle-of-the-road King and Queen symbols whose best payout is 60x per line
  • In the end, you may earn a small winning with the Jack, 10 and 9 tiles – 50x line stake.

Extra Symbols

  • The Monster Wheels Logo wild symbol
  • The Gas Can scatter image

The Substitute Symbol

The wild symbol of the Monster Wheels game is easy to find – the name of the slot is incorporated in it – Monster Wheels Logo. In Monster Wheels, the wild symbol can take the place of any of the 14 icons and it won’t matter on which active payline it is. This extra symbol appears only on reel 3. With Monster Wheels Logo it’s hard to miss a win in Monster Wheels!

The Gas Can Scatter

The above symbol is considered by many to be the game changer in Monster Wheels, its name is the Scatter. This tile goes by Gas Can. With the Monster Wheels scatter you won’t have to take the 288 ways to win into account. It can fall anywhere and still give you a prize. Pay close attention to the reels number 1, 3 and 5 – this is where you can see it. The mighty Gas Can scatter is also the trigger for the freespins mode. Bringing in super wins, starting up special features… all the other 14 symbols can only dream of such power.

Bonus Features

Let’s learn how to get even more of those first-rate payments from Monster Wheels.

Free Rounds

Free spins are one more bonus feature of Monster Wheels that enable you to play rounds of Monster Wheels without betting, but still earn cash. The motif which will bring you these free spins is the Gas Can. However, that’s not the only thing it brings – this is the Scatter as well. The free-of-charge spins are possible to execute 12 times, no more .

Monster Wheels – Is it a VideoSlot?

For sure! Being a video game, this sparkling game has modern graphics as well as sounds in coordination with its Racing topic. The interesting graphics Microgaming applied here put this title undoubtedly into the video online slots category. These are different then the classic slot games that also have a large player base and bring new players daily. However, the difference is purely visual.

The Sounds in Monster Wheels

It is, indeed, logical to assume that a Cartoon-themed slot contains distinguishing audio characteristics. Added to this 288 ways to win slot’s fab design, the sounds create a truly unique atmosphere. It’s also nice to know that this novelty slot has a mute button.

Download Monster Wheels

LeoVegas download is a thing of the past. It’s much more convinient to play Monster Wheels online. Instant-play casinos are more convenient than the ones that require a Monster Wheels download. It saves time and space on your hard drive. There’s no need to worry about Monster Wheels download, easily sign right up with LeoVegas, by simply clicking below and focus on fetching that Monster Wheels top reward: 2300000 coins which could mean up to £115000.

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Quick Info on Microgaming:

Location: MGS House, Circular Road, Douglas IM1 1BL
Operating since: 1994
Established by: Martin Moshal
Activities: Online and Mobile Gaming Applications,Gaming Operations, Gaming Products & Software Solutions, E-Gaming Platform


If you have a question about playing Monster Wheels or LeoVegas terms and conditions, have a look here:

What’s the slot RTP?

RTP is an acronym from Return to Player which is a calculated payout percentage made by the Monster Wheels algorithm over an extensive stretch of time. In the instance of a slot with 288 ways to win the percentage will be somewhere along the lines of 93% to 96%.

Is Monster Wheels RTP good or bad?

It’s all fun and games until you realize that Monster Wheels RTP of 95.85% is not that much of a blast.

Withdrawal instructions

When you want to cash in your winnings from this Microgaming game, the method to do so is nice and easy. The cash you win is going to go to your LeoVegas account. In fact, decide on your preferred method of money transfer , and think carefully about how you’ll spend it! Should you require additional info, don’t hesitate to ask contact LeoVegas customer support for details.

Are there any credit cards you can withdraw to?

You can find all leading credit card brands listed , and the prepaid Paysafe Card provides perhaps an even more flexible option.

Can I use Paypal?

Sure, LeoVegas Paypal withdrawals are very common. Just like Paypal, you can find use for Neteller and Skrill.

Can I find Monster Wheels free play?

Anyone can play Monster Wheels free version if they choose so thanks to 20 free spins that require no deposit you receive the moment you sign up. No special bonus code is needed to acquire this LeoVegas no deposit bonus. Do it by following the hyperlink that’s located under this text. playing Monster Wheels fun mode is a choice also at the casino website, if you think it’s fun to not win any money.

Monster Wheels App

Positively! And all the fab features of this game are at hand, including the prominent Monster Wheels prizes that reimburse well, even if not that continually, when you utilize the sharp Monster Wheels app. Take note: There is only one official totally free LeoVegas app. So please take care not to pay for the app or download it from suspicious websites.

Monster Wheels – Pros and Cons

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