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La Rouge Online

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For the meticulous punters out there, having the best online slots adventure when they play La Rouge online will be easy with the help of all the info on this page. It’s simple – register an account with VideoSlots by pressing the toggle above to open the sign-up page.

Play La Rouge at VideoSlots

So, you’ve decided to play La Rouge at VideoSlots. However, you should know that this casino has many more slots to offer. You’ll find an array of themes: Retro, NLO, you’ll find heroes from comics, movies, mythology and some other topics that you may not be able to find anywhere else except at VideoSlots. If you think you won’t be getting a VideoSlots bonus, we can tell you that you’re sorely mistaken. While we’re talking about bonus offers, you will get 11 free spins you get instantly, without any deposit, plus 150 free spins more, that you will receive with your first deposit and a £10 free chip , as well as a generous VideoSlots welcome bonus of 100% up to £400.

VideoSlots Free spins

Quickly – Free Spins are the best? Yes or No? How many of you have answered – yes? They’re especially useful when you play La Rouge and other extravagant winnings slots. The offer that this online casino has for you includes one of the most coveted bonuses – two batches of VideoSlots free spins. These refer to 11 VideoSlots free spins granted with the sign-up. Could you run out of La Rouge free spins? Absolutely not. But, your VideoSlots account must be credited first with a £10 deposit. That is a minimum, so you can deposit more if you wish. This will lead you to 150 free spins that may come in pretty handy. Profiting with this exclusive bonus can only be achieved by following the link from our site. Right now, that is the only procedure which gets you the promotion.

VideoSlots No Deposit Bonus

VideoSlots bonus promotion has one more no deposit bonus besides the 11 La Rouge free spins. Use the button from this article to get to the VideoSlots web page where you can collect a neat little £ 10 VideoSlots no deposit bonus.

VideoSlots Welcome Bonus

Signing up will get you the VideoSlots Welcome Bonus which serves as an instrument to play La Rouge free. You’ll receive 100% of your deposit as a match bonus. Hence, your account can be £400 richer. Pay good attention to the links included in this article – they will lead you to the bonus. One click below, on the button in the text, and it’s yours. With just £10 placed as a minimim deposit, you’ll be on your way to play this Old Skool Studios title. The main advantage you’ll have if you place a higer deposit is in the matched bonus given by the casino.

How to sign up with VideoSlots:

  • Step 1: Unlock VideoSlots bonus by clicking on the Play Now button in this page.
  • Step 2: Go to the on the Join Now button and click it in order to register. Put in a username, your email and come up with a password. Then enter the VideoSlots Bonus Code.
  • Step 3: Your account is now credited with 11 Free Spins and £10 just for signing up, and if you make a deposit you’ll get a VideoSlots welcome bonus of 100% up to £400. Now you can play La Rouge online for real money.
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La Rouge Online: Main Features

Are you prepared for the awsomness of this Retro-themed slot? Here are the game’s main features. Discover why this isn’t a conventional Film Noir-related slot. What follows are the fundimental components of La Rouge. Scroll all the way down the La Rouge review and you’ll find all the other answers to FAQ.

  • This is one of those 5 reeled games. It’s no surprise since 90% of all slots have an odd number of reels. So keep an eye on the 20 paylines and have fun calculating your possible winnings.
  • The required minimum bet is £0.2.
  • Take this slot on the road (and the loo) with the La Rouge mobile version.
  • On the face of it, this slot looks quite complex, so you certainly need to peruse the rules a bit.
  • Your account could be bursting with money, because you stand to win £10000 in cash.
  • It’s quite interesting that the La Rouge RTP is 95.02%. When you think about it, it sounds like it doesn’t amount to much, but you have to take into account all the other factors.

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La Rouge Jackpot

For some unfathomable reason, La Rouge does not carry any online slot jackpots. No, don’t despair, La Rouge jackpot was substituted with the Phone tile that will get your VideoSlots bankroll bursting with cash with a multiplier of 500 times your line wager. So, in case your max bet amount is £10 per spin, your account will be boosted by £250 per line stake. This very well may be the best jackpot substitution out there.

Learn to Play

Here are some facts on how to play La Rouge online for real money: Namely, with 20 paylines and left to right payout direction, this generous title offers abundant prize options. Select your desired bet size using bet size options. Higher settings make all wins bigger. Go for it, engage the Spin button.

Before starting you should concentrate on learning the hows and whys of the game. It’s more challenging than playing your basic slot. Following the instructions will help you tackle the few more difficult game mechanics that only the experts know of. Accompanying the instructions are the rules of the game which are very useful for understanding the core-game mechanics.

Step 1: Should I play La Rouge for real money?

You usually have to decide on the free play-test version or the proffesional real-money version, if you want to start to play La Rouge online.

Step 2: Pick your credit amount

Since you first spin the 5 reels, your bet is completely adaptable. You can adjust it to fit your La Rouge real money play aspirations and your VideoSlots bankroll, of course. If you wish, you can set the minimum – £0.2, or go as high as £10 per spin. The players can set their bets in this 5-reeler, so don’t forget that on the 20 lines the pay-out may be huge, although it takes some time. Are the stakes too hot or too cold? Set them to be just right with the size/value button.

Step 3: Spin

Usually in such intricately designed games you can select how many of the paylines you want to bet on. Not in La Rouge, though. Put simply, you’ll have to bet money on all 20 of those lines. But don’t fret, it’s for your own benefit – gambling with all the lines on boosts your chances of winning. That being so, you can plainly go on ahead and flick the Spin switch to start the main event. Use the Auto Play option, if you want to take a nap. This means the fun starts in 3…2…1… Go!

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As we said earlier, La Rouge is’nt a run-of-the-mill slot. You need to master it first before truly enjoying this Old Skool Studios title. But the rules are easy to follow and they will help. These are the details:

  • The paytable icon, which you’ll find on your screen, will give you the payouts details
  • 2 equal, neighboring symbols give out rewards.
  • It’s a rule to play with all 20 lines turned on
  • Line wins are multiplied with your chosen stake value per line
  • The payment transpires from the left reels to the right reels, with the exception of the scatter, which pays on any position
  • Any multiple wins that exist on various paylines will be toted up
  • There can be only one! In the case of multiple wins on one line, the greatest of them all is counted.
  • Scatter and payline wins are combined together
  • The total bet is multiplied by the scatter wins
  • If a punter encounteres a software or a hardware error during the play, all wins will be nulled, as well as the payouts. Furthermore, all concerned bets are going to be refunded
  • NB: The VideoSlots terms of use give guidance for managing games that were not finished, along with the info on the auto-end time of games that are left unplayed

Reels and Paylines

While producing this slot, Old Skool Studios made it into a modern slot with 5 reels. These reels are a perfect match for the Film Noir-related design. La Rouge spins the 5 reels in a standard downward fashion. This gives you the possibility, as you play this cheerful title, to simply pay attention only to winning. La Rouge symbols is something you should know by heart since they will bring you colossal prizes. 11 images is what you’ll find popping up in no particular order, including the slot’s wild and scatter symbol. Those 11 icons involve a stacked wild, that go over the reels.

It is common knowledge that having all paylines in the game would make La Rouge worth the play. Old Skool Studios didn’t want you to sweat about it, so they disabled such option. Pay attention to the direction – these 20 paylines pay left to right. You can expect them to bring you colossal prizes. And with 20 lines, just imagine how much you stand to pocket.

Top Reward Symbol

What’s crucial for your winning spree is getting the most out of the Phone, which is a sort of a jackpot symbol. If you’re lucky enough to get 5 of these, you’ll be richer by 500x your stake per line. Pray to Lady Luck to hit 5 of those symbols on any active payline, and £250 per line will be yours if you’re brave enough to stake £0.5 per each of the slot’s 20 paylines.

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Regular Symbols

For this slot, Old Skool Studios designed, produced and incorporated 11 symbols. You know the highest paying is Phone, but you should get to know the others, highest to lowest paying:

  • The Red Roses image brining 200x line bet
  • You have the Microphone and Vinyl Record tiles which are incorporated in order to provide you with a 100x multiplier for your line wager
  • The Heart and Diamond icons are there to multiply your wager per line 50 times
  • In the end, you have the Club and Spade symbols and they carry 40 times of your wager per line.

Special Symbols

  • The Bonus image, makes the Bonus Feature activate
  • The Star-Girl wild tile
  • The Detective scatter tile

The Substitute Symbol

La Rouge wild figure won’t be all that complicated to identify – it’s dubbed the Star-Girl. The Retro-style is not the only characteristic of this Wild – it works as a replacement for any of the 11 figures in this video slot. So unless a black cat crossed your path be sure you’ll win often with the Star-Girl tile. The wild itself pays 1000x when all 5 are lined up on the reels.


Besides regular figures, La Rouge was given one of the all-time favourites – the Scatter. The name is: Detective. The cool detail about the La Rouge scatter is that there is no restiction put in place by the 20 lines. Its a win on every possible position. You can get a maximum of 25x – and that is the reward for all 5. The powerful Detective scatter can also trigger the freespins game. Among the 11 symbols, this one is the only one that with such powers.

Special Features

This slot has a lot of eye candy for Film Noir fans.

Free Games

Free spins are a special feature during which you get to play La Rouge free of charge, but still win real money. When you see the Detective image, which also functions as a Scatter here, you will be granted the option to start this feature. You can keep the free spins coming for a finite amount of 20 rounds .

Bonus Feature

There is a welcome interlude between two game playing sessions and it’s called Starlite bonus game. That’s not the only quality it has – it’s able to award you with money, as well. The Starlite round is triggered when the Bonus symbol appears on the reels.

Double or Nothing

The Gamble mini-game represents a chance to double your money. Pick either Red or Black button to start the guessing game. If you made the right choice – your bankroll will be doubled! Guess wrong – and you lose only your latest prize. However, Old Skool Studios put in the feature of collecting your money also, which means that yes is completely elective.

Did Old Skool Studios make La Rouge a Video Slot?

Totally! Consdering that this is a video game, this fashionable slot title has some eye-catching graphics and super sounds to go with the Retro theme. It is easily seen that this Old Skool Studios title falls into the group of visually appealing slots. Aside from all these games, there are also the classic ones with such diverting flair, and even with their moretraditional style, they still attract many players.

The Sounds in La Rouge

You’ll find that this Old Skool Studios title is all about the Film Noir theme, hence the matching audio. So you can win – £10000 listening to tunes that keep you in the same atmosphere. However, if you want scilence, know that the 5-reeler comes with a mute option.

Download La Rouge

VideoSlots download is a thing of the past. It’s much more convinient to play La Rouge online. Online casinos which include instant-play for Old Skool Studios slots are a bit more expedient than the ones that require a Old Skool Studios release download, merely due to saving time, effort and drive space. Quit thinking about La Rouge download right now, but make sure to get a VideoSlots account. by clicking the hyperlink beneath and go grab that best multiplier of 500x your line stake.

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Information about Old Skool Studios:

Operating since: 2009
Location: North Vancouver
Activities: Mobile iGaming Software, Desktop iGaming Software

Questions and Answers

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about playing La Rouge at VideoSlots:

What does Slot RTP stand for?

RTP is short for a Return to Player percentage which is derived from collecting statistics on La Rouge payouts over an extensive period of time. It is always expressed in percentages, and the RTP in slots with 20 paylines is likely to range from 93% to 96%.

Is La Rouge RTP good or bad?

It’s fortunate that Old Skool Studios made this slot so enteraining, because its RTP of 95.02% is definitely not that much fun.

Withdrawing your winnings

It’s quite simple to get your winnings from this Old Skool Studios game. Every winner you hit goes to your VideoSlots account. Now decide how to withdraw the money , and that’s all you need to do. However, if there’s something that’s still unclear, feel free to get in contact with VideoSlots customer support service.

Are there any credit cards you can withdraw to?

VideoSlots accepts Visa and MasterCard both , also accepted; the prepaid Paysafe Card.

I have a Paypal account. Can I use it to make withdrawals?

No, VideoSlots Paypal withdrawal is not an option. Cash in your winnings via Skrill and Neteller, if you have an account there. Sometimes the simplest solution is also the best. That’s why VideoSlots added the wire transfer, too.

Is there a way to play La Rouge for free?

For sure! You have to option to play La Rouge free at VideoSlots – completely due to 11 VideoSlots free spins . With the hyperlink given bellow you’ll be able to go to the VideoSlots no deposit bonus. If you want the laid-back experience of La Rouge free play, it’s also an option, but, seems like the punters are much more interested in real money play, and with a good reason.

La Rouge App

A La Rouge app does not exist. If you have the desire to spin this slot on an iPad or other tablets go to VideoSlots’s website, as you will be able to have fun with a lot of other advanced slots on your chosen browser. However, be wary of web sites selling the VideoSlots app, as they are all fake!

The Verdict

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