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You can play Kingdom of Legend at Energy Casino, but also many more online slot games with different topics. You can probably find whatever you’re into. The themes vary: Legend, aliens, superheroes, movies, mythology and many others. Additionally, you can enjoy a fat Energy Casino bonus that the venue so generously offers. While we’re talking about bonus offers, you will get 100 free spins and a £7 no deposit bonus . There’s also a special offer for your first deposit – 100% match Energy Casino welcome bonus up to £200.

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Do you long for a good Legend-themed slot? Novomatic humbly presents this Fantasy-related game. Read the Kingdom of Legend review and see why it is of the utmost importance that you give this slot a shot. Below you’ll find all the rule clarifications beginning with the basic features of the game.

  • Embrace the 5 reels in Kingdom of Legend. It’s predictable that slot-games have an uneven number of reels. Novomatic has drawn them up to enable no more than 40 lines.
  • The minimum bet you must place to play Kingdom of Legend for real money is £0.4 per bet.
  • For sure, you can test spinning the Kingdom of Legend mobile game version on your own phone.
  • Hopefully intricate and intriguing rules are a plus for you when it comes to picking slot games to play, because this one’s a real humdinger.
  • This is the biggest prize in Kingdom of Legend: £125000 in cash.
  • Wondering about Kingdom of Legend RTP? It’s 95.15%. Don’t be perplexed by how modest it is, things are not always as they seem. All will be explained in the following paragraphs.

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Kingdom of Legend Jackpot

It may be odd, but with Kingdom of Legend, no online slot jackpots have been included. To balance this fact out, what you get from Kingdom of Legend is the top paying the Elf symbol, which can really mount up your winnings with a 500x line bet multiplier. Let’s put it like this: bet the maximum amount of £40 on each spin, and you’ll win £125000. This kind of win could be more than sufficent to be called a Kingdom of Legend Jackpot, right?

Playing Tips

This article is meant for those who need more info about how to play Kingdom of Legend online for real money. Kingdom of Legend is a dynamic 40-payline slot that rewards with the minimum 2 identical symbols on a payline. Their order must be left to right. Choosing your bet is quite intuitive. Bet sizes are selected via the switch on the dashboard. The Start button will start the game under current settings.

You should read the instructions for games such as this because the game is harder to understand that your usual slot. Hopefully following the game’s step by step instructions will help you, along with the games intuitive rules menu.

Step 1: Kingdom of Legend real money mode vs free play

By now you’ve had to have made a choice if you’re going to play Kingdom of Legend online with real money settings or if you just what to test the bother-free starters novice gamer mode that has no required payments. But, know that the prize of £500 per line will come only if you play the real cash game. Demo play is fun, but, financialy, will get you nowhere. That’s the idea – but Energy Casino has taken a new approach and closed the free-play build. This bold move leaves the door wide open for you to go and get that through-the-roof maximum prize of £500 per line.

Step 2: Choose your credit size

Your wager during Kingdom of Legend real money is totally up to you. Adjust it when and to what your Energy Casino account dictates as you are spinning. In fact, you can place the minimum £0.4, or go to £40 per spin. Bear in mind that this somewhat pretentious slot has those smaller but quite frequently occurring wins, and so you can place smaller bets but still get a good return. Play around with the size of your wager with the handy bet size/value button.

Step 3: Spin

Usually in such intricately designed games you can select how many of the paylines you want to bet on. Not in Kingdom of Legend, though. All of them will be activated. Although, this, has some very positive implications – in other words, leaving on all lines means a richer prospect of winning the pot. It’s, therefore, high time to start pressing the Start button. Use the Auto Play option, if you want to take a nap. This means the fun starts in 3…2…1… Go!

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As you may have gathered, Kingdom of Legend is a somewhat difficult 5-reeler. Nobody likes to bother with the rules, but with Kingdom of Legend you’ll need to read them in order to become a winner. Study the rules and get to know the game:

  • All the payouts are instructed by the paytable menu. Click the paytable button with its corresponding icon
  • With 2 tiles that match on an activated payline, this slot will give you a reward
  • You must wager on each and every one payline of the given 40
  • The total cash win is deduced by multiplying the line bet with the line wins
  • The pay-outs here will be given in the left to right direction, yet the scatter will pay you any which way
  • If there are multiple wins on various paylines, they will be added up
  • When you have several wins on a payline, your accound will be richer only by the one that is the highest
  • Scatter wins are combined with payline wins
  • Scatters can occur on reels 1, 2, 4 and 5
  • In case the gaming hardware or software fail to perform, know that the wins and payments will be momentarily be regarded as null and void, while the bets that were influenced by the failure will qualify for a compensation
  • Notice: Find the Energy Casino terms of use so that you’ll be aware of the procedures in cases when the game is not finished and to see how long you have before an inactive slot game turns off automatically

Paylines and Reels

Novomatic, in regard to the number of reels, chose to create this exciting title that has 5 reels that show off well its Fantasy theme. Kingdom of Legend spins the 5 reels in a standard downward fashion. This gives you the possibility, as you play this rousing title, to simply pay attention only to winning. You should get to know Kingdom of Legend symbols inside-out, because they will obtain you those regular if smaller winners. The reels have 12 tiles that appear on random, including a wild and a scatter symbol. And, let’s not forget the special symbol: Lightning Wizard.

Anybody who plays slots can tell you that the more paylines you engage the more options for prizes you will have. Thankfully, in Kingdom of Legend the outdated option of selectable paylines has been removed by Novomatic. Oh ,the times they are a-changing! Pay attention to the direction – these 40 paylines pay left to right. You can expect them to bring you constant prizes. And with 40 lines, just imagine how much you stand to pocket.

Max Win Symbol

If you are enjoying this Novomatic slot and hope to win the big prize, then pay attention to the Elf, which acts as a jackpot symbol, bringing us the biggest prize. Get 5 of these and instantly win a fantastic prize of 500x payline stake. When you put £1 – the highest line wager, the prize would amount to £500 for each of the win-carrying 40 paylines.

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Symbols and Tiles

For this slot, Novomatic designed, produced and incorporated 12 symbols. You’ve know the highest paying is Elf, but you should get to know the others, highest to lowest paying:

  • The Warrior and Gingerbeard icons with top winning of 400x line stake
  • In the end, you have the King, Ace, Queen, Jack and 10 symbols and they carry 200 times of your wager per line

Special Symbols

  • The Wizard wild symbol
  • The Bonus Wheel scatter tile

Wild Symbol

Finding the wild symbol in Kingdom of Legend is easy – scan the tiles until you find the one named: Wizard. In Legend-themed video slot games the wild can substitute for any one of 12 symbols. It can combine with all symbol combo’s to bring you instant winnings.

The Scatter Symbol: Bonus Wheel

Another symbol that is a fun twist on the general theme in Kingdom of Legend is the Scatter. The name of the scatter is Bonus Wheel. The thing about the Kingdom of Legend scatter that everyone loves is that it’s not restricted by the 40 lines. It pays on any position. But, you’ll find it on reels 1, 2, 4 and 5 exclusively. The uncanny Bonus Wheel scatter also signals the start of the freespins mini-game and the extra bonus round. Anybody who comes across it will know why all the other symbols lack its star-power.

Extra Features

Now that we’ve covered the details for the regular gameplay of this wondrous slot game, let’s go one step further.

Free Rounds

The special feature here is called Free Spins and it will let you play Kingdom of Legend for free. However, you’ll get real cash. It’s the Bonus Wheel symbol which is, by the way, the slot’s Scatter, it appears as to signal the commencement of the next round. You can keep the free spins coming for a finite amount of 10 rounds .

The Bonus Wheel Bonus Game

How does earning even more sound? Does £50000 sound like something you may want? The Bonus Wheel special feature game is there when you need to rest from the main game. There are some really exciting prizes awarded as well. The Bonus Wheel round is triggered when the Bonus Wheel symbol appears on the reels.

Double or Nothing

Kingdom of Legend punters are given an opportunity to double their loot by playingthe Gamble risk game. To take a chance, just click on the approproate button and pick Red or Black. Kingdom of Legend will double your take if you were lucky with the options. But if you’re wrong – you will be returned to the amount of your last prize. There is the double or zero feature for every win in Kingdom of Legend.

Did Novomatic make Kingdom of Legend a Video Slot?

Totally! Consdering that this is a video game, this sleek slot title has some eye-catching graphics and super sounds to go with the Legend theme. It is easily seen that this Novomatic title falls into the group of visually appealing slots. Aside from all these games, there are also the classic ones with such gripping flair, and even with their moretraditional style, they still attract many players.

The Sounds in Kingdom of Legend

Sounds in Kingdom of Legend are very much complementary to the Legend theme and design. Novomatic was smart to include the tones which will take Energy Casino players to this 5-reeler’s realm. Plus, the maximum line wager multiplier of 500x is going to fit right in. Nevertheless, it’s enough to press Kingdom of Legend mute-button and enjoy the game in silence, if you want to.

Energy Casino Download

Bad news for those searching for a Energy Casino download – it’s not 2013 anymore. Play Kingdom of Legend online, like we all do nowadays. Online casinos which include instant-play for Novomatic slots are a bit more expedient than the ones that require a Novomatic release download, merely due to saving time, effort and drive space. There’s no need to worry about Kingdom of Legend download, easily register with Energy Casino with this bonus code SLOTSMAX and move on to cashing in on the Kingdom of Legend max prize – up to £125000.

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Information about Novomatic:

Established: 1980
Founder Johann F. Graf
Headquarters: Wienerstrasse 158 Gumpoldskirchen, 2352 Austria
Specialties: State-of-the-art Electronic Gaming Equipment, Online and Mobile Gaming, Gaming Operations, Lottery Solutions, Networked Technologies

FAQ Section

Got a question about Kingdom of Legend? Check our section below.

What is slot RTP?

RTP is short for a Return to Player percentage which is derived from collecting statistics on Kingdom of Legend payouts over an extensive period of time. It is always expressed in percentages, and the RTP in slots with 40 paylines is likely to range from 93% to 96%.

What is Kingdom of Legend RTP value?

After the initial thrill has passed you will suspect that the 95.15% Kingdom of Legend RTP rate is the culprit behind your unimpressive account balance.

How to withdraw Kingdom of Legend winnings?

Collecting your win from Kingdom of Legend is very easy. Once you win money, it will appear on your Energy Casino account. You only have to choose how to take out the winnings , and that’s all you need to do. Of course, should you need any more help, you can always contact Energy Casino customer support.

Can my credit card be accepted when making a withdrawal?

Visa and MasterCard are the most common choices .

Can I utilize my Paypal?

Not really, Energy Casino Paypal withdrawals are out of the question. No problem, you can use Skrill or Neteller. For the people that dislike modern online banking solutions there is the standard bank money transfer.

Is it possible to play Kingdom of Legend free of charge?

The Kingdom of Legend free version is easily accessible £7 no deposit bonus you get immediately after you sign up with the Energy Casino promotional code: SLOTSMAX.

Kingdom of Legend App

Yes, you have the chance to partake in all the benefits of Kingdom of Legend and its constantly paid wins using the Kingdom of Legend app. As a side note: There’s only the one original Energy Casino app, and it costs 0£. Do not be tricked into paying for it or especially don’t download apps from alternate websites with a strange vibe.

The Verdict

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