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All you need for the best online slots adventure when you play Just a Game online are the information given on this page. It’s fearly easy to get started once you’re registered and you’ve entered the ComeOn Voucher Code MAXCASINO.

Play Just a Game at ComeOn

ComeOn, the venue to be if you are intent to play Just a Game and other Vacation-themed absorbing FUGA Gaming Technologies online slots. One of the advantages of this venue is the ComeOn bonus meant to help punters earn more money. The present ComeOn offer is 20 free spins , additionally, you’ll be gifted the ComeOn welcome bonus on the first deposit – 100%, meaning you can have another £25.

ComeOn Free spins

Hands up if free spins are your preferred special! A perfect way to play Just a Game or any other entertaining slot game. At this casino, you are entitled to 20 free spins that do not require a deposit, just a registration.

ComeOn No Deposit Bonus

You’ll find that not all ComeOn bonus specials demand a deposit – the 20 Just a Game free spins are deposit-free. The start amount of £9 creates a sort of Goldilocks effect, as it’s neither too low, nor to high, but feels just right.

ComeOn Welcome Bonus

ComeOn Welcome Bonus was devised as the casino’s way to show appreciation to punters for signing up and enable them to play Just a Game free. The deposit you’ve made is going to be matched with a 100% bonus. In terms of cash, that’s as much as £25. With the ComeOn Voucher Code MAXCASINO you’ll be all set. The minimum deposit amount, which you need to place so you could play this FUGA Gaming Technologies online slot, is £9. You don’t have to be good at maths to figure out that making a bigger deposit just makes more sense – the free bonus rises with the deposit.

How to Use ComeOn bonuscode:

  • Step 1: ComeOn bonus must be activated before you claim it. Simply click on the button here. Use Ctrl+C or Command+C to copy the Voucher Code MAXCASINO.
  • Step 2: Then find the Join Now button and click it. You’ll be taken to the new account page, where you can fill out your username, email and password and most importantly the ComeOn Voucher Code.
  • Step 3: Check your account ballance. You have just received 20 Free Spins just for signing up, and if you make a deposit you’ll get a ComeOn welcome bonus of 100% up to £25.
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Are you prepared for the awsomness of this Vacation-themed slot? Here are the game’s main features. Discover why this isn’t a conventional Party-related slot. What follows are the fundimental components of Just a Game. Scroll all the way down the Just a Game review and you’ll find all the other answers to FAQ.

  • Hey, it’s one of those 5-reeled slots. It’s a standard for 90% of all slots, an odd number of reels. It’s not that boring because helping you collect money are an array of 20 paylines.
  • Just £0.2 is what you need to play Just a Game for real money.
  • For sure, you can test spinning the Just a Game mobile game version on your own phone.
  • It’s recommended that you read the rules of this slot carefully, because FUGA Gaming Technologies put some serious thought on making them more interesting than your basic slot.
  • Just a Game will give you amazing prizes, so you could walk away with 3000000 coins or £30000 in cash.
  • The Just a Game RTP is 96%. It might not sound like much, but, don’t be so quick to judge. We’ll demystify the online slots RTP in the continuing paragraphs.

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Just a Game Jackpot

FUGA Gaming Technologies opted to skip the online slot jackpots feature for this 5-reel slot. To balance this fact out, you get a top paying the Sun symbol, which can really mount up your winnings with a 250x line bet multiplier – so, as effectively as any Just a Game jackpot would. Look at it like this: if you bet the maximum amount of £100 on each spin, you could be looking at a win of £30000. Also, these winnings should be plenty to make you forget about the lack of a Jackpot, at least for some time.

Learn to Play

Here’s the simplest guide to how to play Just a Game online for real money: Any 3 or more alike symbols, lined up left to right, will bring a win back to you First set your wager using the bet buttons. You’ll notice your stake is now higher, but this goes for wins you make, too. Click on the Spin button and start your first spin.

However, before you do, make sure that you read the instructions below. This is a relatively complicated game, and beginners might find it confusing at times. We hope you find this step-by-step guide helpful, but in the case you find yourself unsure of any part of the gameplay, just take a peek at the game’s rules.

Step 1: Just a Game real money mode vs free play

Do you want to play Just a Game online in real cash mode or do you just what to try the stress-free beginners fun play mode that requires no money?

Step 2: Pick your preferred credit amount

The bet size for the course of Just a Game real money play is fully customizable, so you can use whichever you think is the best online slots strategy. You can bet the minimum: £0.2, or go up to £100. You can also set your wager in Just a Game, you should take into account that the 20 lines won’t give you a winner easily – they come in rarely, but they’ll be colossal. For fine tuning your stakes, there’s a bet size/value button.

Step 3: Spin

The design is so simple and so are the pay lines – you just can’t choose them at all in Just a Game. There’s just one choice – playing on all 20. This, though, has some good implications – with all the lines active, your chances of success will significantly improve. Just go directly to the Spin button. If you want faster action on those 5 reels, Just a Game lets you use its Turbo toggle, or you can opt for Auto Play for an effortless playtime. Don’t hesitate – your luckiest day starts now at Just a Game online!

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You’ve gathered by now that Just a Game is indeed difficult to grasp. So you’ll need to study the rules before going on to become the master of Just a Game. Trust us, it will mean the world of difference, so pay attention:

  • The payouts follow the rules of the paytable, turn it on by pressing the icon
  • Getting a winner is not complicated – spinning the reels and matching 3 symbols is all you have to do
  • The option for selecting the maximum number of 20 lines has been removed from this version of Just a Game and that is not a bad thing if you ask us
  • Payline wagers get multiplied by what you win per line
  • Payouts are added from the reels left to right
  • In the case of any multiple wins on a variety of paylines, there will be a tally up
  • There can be only one! In the case of multiple wins on one line, the greatest of them all is counted.
  • Should there be a failure on the hardware or software part, expect the payouts and wins to be cancelled and the bets to be returned to your account
  • NB: Consult ComeOn terms and conditions to get acquainted with the procedures used to manage unfinished game rounds and the time after inactive game sessions automatically end

Paylines and Reels

Concerning the reel count; FUGA Gaming Technologies made the decision of appointing 5 reels to this exhilarating label with which they try to attract attention to its Party tag theme. The well-known downward direction is the only way these 5 reels move in the popular Just a Game. It’s thus achievable, when spinning them in this terrific game to only focus on racking in those big ones. Commit Just a Game icons to memory – these babies are bringing you not so small rewards. 12 images is what you’ll find popping up in no particular order, including the slot’s wild symbol. The 12 icons include a stacked wild, as well which could cover the entire reels. Also, always pay attention to the special symbol: Wild Transformation Bonus.

The line that go across the 5 reels are called paylines and they carry the prize-giving combo in this FUGA Gaming Technologies title. You’ll find 20 of those lines which will win you a £30000 prize. The best winning strategy that involves Just a Game paylines is to engage all of them. Fortunately, with this FUGA Gaming Technologies game, you can’t change the number of paylines so all 20 of them will remain active. And that’s for the best, trust us! The direction to look out for is left to right, because that’s how this slot’s 20 paylines will pay you. These prizes will come only once in a while, but they will be hefty. And considering that there are 20 win-lines, you will have plenty of winning opportunities.

Top Win Symbol

Sun is the figure you’ll want to pay attention to – it is a sort of a jackpot here. In order for it to multiply your payline bet by 250 times, you need 5 of them. The highest wager per line amounts to £5. This means that the take-away could be as much as £1250 for every winning line. Mind you, there’s 20 paylines, so do the math.

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More About Symbols

This particular FUGA Gaming Technologies slot comes with 12 tiles. Sun represents the best one in the sense that it’s the most valuable. However, others also may boost your bankroll significantly, so here they are:

  • The Palm Trees symbol, which pays 200x line bet
  • These Cocktail and Beer Mug symbols will be multiplying your line wager by 150x
  • The Cup of Coffee figure could still impress you – you’ll get a 100x of your payline stake
  • When BAR and Lemon images appear your win-line bet will be multiplied 75x
  • And last, but not the least, is the Cherries tile which rewards a 30x line wager multiplier.

Extra Symbols

  • The Wild and Multiplier x2 wild icon
  • A specific type of wild – the stacked wild symbol: Respin
  • A useful expanding wild – Expanded


Just a Game wild figure won’t be all that complicated to identify – it’s the Wild and Multiplier x2 symbol. In Vacation-themed video slot games the wild can substitute for any one of 12 symbols. It can turn any symbol combo into a win. This wild carries a 300x multiplier. However, you have to have 5 wilds on a line.

Extra Features

Now that we’ve covered the details for the regular gameplay of this humorous slot game, let’s go one step further.

Free Games

Just a Game comes with a bonus game under the name Free Spins. With this feature you stand to earn cash by awarding you Just a Game free rounds. The number of spins is limited to 10 .

Is This FUGA Gaming Technologies Title a Video Slot?

Oh yes! In the form of an animated game, this straightforward slot game has some excellent sounds as well as graphics which match its Vacation topic. It’s obvious that Just a Game belongs to the category of graphically more advanced slots. Apart from such games, there are also classic slots with such chipper flair, whose retro style still attracts numerous punters.

Game Sounds

Simply put, everything about this FUGA Gaming Technologies title is coloured in the Party theme, including its sounds. Its top award – £30000 – unfolds in the rhythm of authentic sounds.

ComeOn Download

No choice here, for now go and play Just a Game online. ComeOn download options are still a big maybe. Online casinos which include instant-play for FUGA Gaming Technologies slots are a bit more expedient than the ones that require a FUGA Gaming Technologies release download, merely due to saving time, effort and drive space. No need to waste one second more on Just a Game download. Use the time to open an account with ComeOn, insert this bonus code in the appropriate field: MAXCASINO and go grab that Just a Game max prize – up to £30000.

Play now at ComeOn 

FUGA Gaming Technologies Info

Markets: FUGA Game Development Kit Services, Land-based Casino Gaming (Stand-alone, VLT and Server-based), Protection and Security Systems, Desktop, Mobile and Social Gaming
Headquarters: 2 Woodberry Grove, London, N12 0DR
Web Page:
Founded in: 1997

FAQ Section

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about playing Just a Game at ComeOn:

What do the letters RTP stand for?

RTP is short for a Return to Player percentage which is derived from collecting statistics on Just a Game payouts over an extensive period of time. They are percentage notations. For example you’ll find that the RTP is between 93% to 96% in slots with 20 paylines.

Is Just a Game RTP good or bad?

Considering the Just a Game RTP of 96%, this fun video slot title provides not only good entertainment, but decent return rate, too.

How can I withdraw my winnings?

Collecting your win from Just a Game is very easy. Every winner you hit goes to your ComeOn account. Now decide how to withdraw the money , and Bob’s your uncle! In addition, if you wish, you can speak with ComeOn customer services for more information.

Which debit or credit cards can I withdraw to?

ComeOn accepts Visa and MasterCard both .

I have a Paypal account. Can I use it to make withdrawals?

That’s a no, there is no ComeOn Paypal account transfer available. How about using Neteller or Skrill instead? If you like, you can ask for a wire transfer.

Can I find a Just a Game free play version?

Yes, you can play the fully functioning Just a Game free version : you don’t have to make the deposit bonus of 20 Free Spins . If you want the Voucher Code for ComeOn no deposit bonus, this is where you’ll get it: MAXCASINO. Should you be more interested in Just a Game free play, you have opportunity, yet we have to tell you that most player go straight to real money play.

Just a Game App

Indeed, you can enjoy all the benefits of the Just a Game considerable if rare payouts using the Just a Game app. And hear us: The only genuine ComeOn app is the licensed program downloadable here and costing nothing. You need not pay a cent or download the app from alternative download web pages.

Just a Game – Pros and Cons

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