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This review is intended for those who want to play Jungle Books online and earn great prizes. So, in order to get the best online slots experience, check out this page and the detailed info it contains before you start playing. To start making money, you must register an account with Mr Green, all of which won’t take a second if you use the above link to get there.

Play Jungle Books at Mr Green

One of the truly great online casinos on the market is Mr Green, where you can play Jungle Books, but also find many more different 3D slots for uncountable hours of fun. There’s also a Mr Green bonus available. A special bonus offer is what we come to expect, so this is what you’ll find here: 100 free spins , no deposit required, plus 100 more free spins after making a deposit , and one more promo, that is actually a 100% first deposit match. The value of this Mr Green welcome bonus is £100.

Mr Green Free spins

When it comes to bonus offers, aren’t free spins the most enjoyable ones? They make playing first-rate payments online slots like Jungle Books even more fun. With this online casino you stand to receive a pair of Mr Green free spins extra features. So, for Jungle Books, you are going to be working with 100 Mr Green free spins. No cash deposit is required to get this bonus, you only need to sign up. You used up all of the Jungle Books free spins? Fear not – there are more! First, a deposit is needed to receive this extra feature. The minimum which you can place is £10. And what you’ll be looking at are extra 100 free spins

Mr Green No Deposit Bonus

There is one Mr Green bonus which requires no deposit, it’s the Jungle Books free spins special. You will receive 100 free spins, meaning you’ll get plenty of chances to win big. We found that the £10 minimum deposit is quite a reasonable sum.

Mr Green Welcome Bonus

Jungle Books free play is a privilege granted to members via the Mr Green Welcome Bonus feature. The bonus may come to £100 seeing as the deposit match is 100 percent. The bonus feature awaits behind the linked button on this page. Just be aware that the minimum deposit is £10. Don’t forget about the deposit match feature. This bonus will ensure you get free money for wagering and how much is entirely up to you – with a higer deposit you get more money.

How to sign up with Mr Green:

  • Step 1: First, activate the Mr Green bonus by clicking through from this review.
  • Step 2: Go to new account page. Put in the usual information.
  • Step 3: Your bonus is now unlocked and placed into your account – 100 Free Spins just for signing up, and if you make a deposit you’ll get a Mr Green welcome bonus of 100% up to £100.
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Jungle Books Online: Main Features

Do you long for a good Tropical-themed slot? Yggdrasil Gaming humbly presents this Jungle-related game. Read the Jungle Books review and see why it is of the utmost importance that you give this slot a shot. Below you’ll find all the rule clarifications beginning with the basic features of the game.

  • Behold the 5 reels in Jungle Books. Its common that slots have an odd number of reels. Yggdrasil Gaming has designed them to allow no less than 68 lines.
  • The minimum you have to wager is £0.1.
  • A fast search will show that there is an updated Jungle Books mobile phone version also on the market.
  • Hopefully complicated and interesting rules are a turn on for you when looking for a good slot game to play, because this one’s a doozy.
  • The biggest win that can be achieved in Jungle Books is 250000 coins or £500000 in cash.
  • The Jungle Books RTP is 96.1%. Sounds promising, right? We will come back to the topic of the slot games RTP.

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Jungle Books Jackpot

For some unfathomable reason, Jungle Books does not carry any online slot jackpots. Still, this does not imply that the game isn’t worth your time – it has the Jungle Pear icon in charge of replacing the Jungle Books jackpot by multiplying your line stake 300x. Let’s put it like this: bet the maximum amount of £100 on each spin, and you’ll win £500000. Do you still feel like the jackpot is a must-have? No? Good! Now you can focus on the game and have fun!

Learn to Play

If you’re new to the world of online slots, here’s a short guide on how to play Jungle Books online for real money. The goal of the game is to connect at least 3, and up to the maximum of 5 alike symbols in a row from left to right. Default bet value is rarely exactly what you want, so use the time to set your bet and coin value. The Spin button will start the game under current settings.

Although excellent, this game could be confusing at first glance. For slot game beginners it will probably stay confusing at the second and third glance too. Just observe the steps in the following guide and we will try to unravel this mistery together, because the official rules will be of no help as they were clearly written by someone with no intention of making it easier.

Step 1: Play Jungle Books for real money or for free?

You usually have to decide on the free play-test version or the proffesional real-money version, if you want to start to play Jungle Books online. Jungle Books offers you a chance to work out the ins and outs of the game without having to invest real money. Just find the free mode on the Mr Green website or on Mr Green mobile for people on the go. However, seeing as the greatest win in Jungle Books can go as high as coins, or up to £30000 you should definitely hurry up and learn to drive without the training wheels.

Step 2: Pick your preferred credit amount

Bet size in Jungle Books real money is freely changeable, and entirely up to you. Yggdrasil Gaming gave you the chance to alter it as and when it suits you. You can set it to the minimum: £0.1, or go as high as £100 in a single spin. Yet, this 68-line online slot will not pay out that easily or often, but when it does you’ll be grinning! You can also use coins for wagering in this Jungle-themed slot. The line bet is coins, which you can’t reduce or increase, but you can decrease or increase their value, which can range from £0.002 to £2. To set everything in one click, use the Bet Max button.

Step 3: Stacking your decided on amount of pay-lines

The time is now to include which paylines you want for your active set. The paylines count bar is set really low, for standard play it’s just 58. This setting will reduce your total bet to only £0.1. It will reduce your chances, too. Undoubtedly the optimum choice is for you to retain all 68 paylines active for the duration of your game time. You might note your stake going up if you go for the max bet on all 68 lines, it will amount to £100. To be quite frank, no one is skillful enough to pick only those lines that will bring wins. Now that you’re done with this, the Spin button is your next stop. Engage the Turbo button to start the Jungle Books 5 reels fast spin mode or begin Auto Play. Yahoo! It’s time to party!

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The one true downside of this game is it’s complicated rules system that in no way explains the already too complicated game design. Here is a retelling of the Jungle Books rulebook that us mortals can understand:

  • The paytable measures out the payouts, it can be toggled with its icon
  • If you attain 3 symbols that are the same, you secure a prize. Naturally, only if they are next to each other.
  • You can choose to bet on one or more of the possible 68 lines
  • The prizes you get from the win combos are paid only if the line is activated
  • Line bets are multiplied by payline wins
  • Beginning from the left and going on towards the right is the orientation of the win-line winnings
  • There will be a tally of all multiple wins on diverse paylines
  • In case a payline holds multiple wins, the topmost win is going to your bankroll
  • An error or malfunction of the gaming hardware or hardware will produce the following effect: the exact amoun of the bets placed will be reintastated back to your account, and all the wins as well as payouts will be invalid
  • NB: Consult Mr Green terms and conditions to get acquainted with the procedures used to manage unfinished game rounds and the time after inactive game sessions automatically end

Paylines and Reels

Yggdrasil Gaming, regarding the reel number, assigned this special game 5 reels. It’s maybe a call to the Jungle main theme of this animated pastime. The way the 5 reels spin in Jungle Books is the downward direction. This lets the player concentrate on nothing but winning while playing this chirpy online slot. Take a good look at Jungle Books symbols, which can give you a share of those cool prizes. The reels have 13 tiles that appear on random, including a wild symbol. Adding to that, the 13 picture symbols also incorporate an overlay wild responsible for the whole reels. Also, always pay attention to the special symbol: x3 Wild.

Winnings in Jungle Books are determined by its generous paylines. One of the symbol combinations that land on the lines you selected will bring you that £500000 capital reward. Turning on all the paylines increases your chances of connecting the right symbols and winning big. If you like catching only small fish then go ahead, Yggdrasil Gaming installed the controls to lower the line count to just 58 lines – just touch the lines one by one to unselect them. The direction to look out for is left to right, because that’s how this slot’s 68 paylines will pay you. These prizes will come only once in a while, but they will be hefty. And considering that there are 68 win-lines, you will have plenty of winning opportunities.

Max Win Symbol

The symbol to look out for is the jackpot symbol that gives the hignest prize, Jungle Pear. It will get you a 300x of your payline wager, should you manage to receive 5 of these. How does this Yggdrasil Gaming title sound now? You can hope to get 5 of those tiles on an active line, beacuse then the 300 times stake per line is going to be yours – or £ should you bet £ on all 68 paylines.

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Other Symbols

When it comes to this Yggdrasil Gaming slot, Jungle Pear figure was given the role of the highest paying one. But, there are 13 symbols in this jovial slot in total:

  • The Blueberry tile that carries the 100x line wager
  • The Star Apple symbol is going to multiply your line stake 80 times
  • The Sour Sop symbol has a payout of 60 times your wager per line
  • The Mangosteen symbol’s highest reward is 50 times of the stake you wagered per line
  • The Heart, Spade, Club and Diamond icons award the least profitable multiplier of 25x line bet

Special Symbols

  • The Honeycomb symbol tasked with activating the Bonus Round
  • The Wild symbol


Jungle Books has a wild symbol that’s easy to see . It’s so obviously marked – Wild. Any of the 13 symbols in Jungle Books can be substituted with the wild, regardless on which of the 68 lines it falls. thus making any combination of symbols into a win.

Bonus Features

This slot has a lot of eye candy for Jungle fans.

The Honeycomb Bonus Game

How does earning even more sound? Does 50000 coins or £100000 sound like something you may want? The Honeycomb extra game can be a nice break from spinning. It also carries prizes which will make your account grow bigger. The Honeycomb special is availabe as soon as you hit the Honeycomb image on a reel.

The Random Multiplier Multiplier Feature

Here is where we explain the The Random Multiplier standalone multiplier feature: It can increase your bet when it’s active, so it can be multiplied 5 times, and you won’t have to bet once more. However, you don’t get the maximum multiplier at once. Random Multiplier builds up gradually, starting from 2x. Already the second time you get it, it will grow by 1 times, and so will every win after it. Therefore, when you go to Mr Green keep in mind that this will give you a chance to earn more money from the 5 reels, because the more chances Jungle Books gives you, more cash you’ll pocket!

Jungle Books – Is it a 3DSlot?

Oh yes! It is diifficult to beat a 3D slot in the visual sense, so this Jungle-themed slot will be a feast for your eyes, just like the ‘Viva Las Vegas flick!’ Aside from the great 3D effects on those 5 reels, its 68 paylines will also give you some bumper prizes. It’s fairly simple to place this Yggdrasil Gaming game in the branch of visually advanced releases. There are also classic slots with such entertaining flair, that even though they may seem a little underdevelopped, they still boast countless fans who love to play them.

In-game Audio

Sounds in Jungle Books are very much complementary to the Tropical theme and design. Yggdrasil Gaming was smart to include the tones which will take Mr Green players to this 5-reeler’s realm. Plus, the maximum line wager multiplier of 300x is going to fit right in. But, in case you are going for £500000 and you don care about the audio, just click on Jungle Books mute or volume button and you’ll be set.

Mr Green Download

No option for Mr Green download means you have no other choice than to play Jungle Books online. Direct-play virtual casinos are much more trouble-free than the ones requiring an initial Jungle Books download. It saves you time and doesn’t clog up your hard disk space. Erase the thoughts of Jungle Books download now, and only remember to apply for an account with Mr Green, – there’s a button below that you should click and focus on fetching that £30000 max prize on each winning line.

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Quick Info on Yggdrasil Gaming:

Active since: 2013
Founder: Fredrik Elmqvist
Address: Tagliaferro Business Centre, Level 2 High Street c/w Gaiety Lane Sliema, SLM 1551
Products: Casino, Online and Mobile Gaming, Lotto and Scratch Games


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about playing Jungle Books at Mr Green:

What is RTP?

RTP is an acronym from Return to Player which is a calculated payout percentage made by the Jungle Books algorithm over an extensive stretch of time. In the instance of a slot with 68 paylines the percentage will be somewhere along the lines of 93% to 96%.

Is Jungle Books RTP good or bad?

Jungle Books RTP of 96.1% guarantees that this fun 3D is fun for spinning.

How to withdraw Jungle Books winnings?

It’s quite simple to get your winnings from this Yggdrasil Gaming game. Once you win money, it will appear on your Mr Green account. Determine which withdrawal methods suits you best , and Bob’s your uncle! But if you need more advice or help, Mr Green’s helpful customer support can provide you with more info.

Are any credit or debit cards accepted as a withdrawal method?

Yes, Mr Green now accepts Visa and also MasterCard , while Paysafe Card serves as the prepaid option.

Is Paypal available?

Sure, Mr Green Paypal withdrawals are always popular. Besides Paypal, you can choose the service from Neteller and Skrill.

Is there a way to play Jungle Books for free?

You can rest assured that you’ll be able to play Jungle Books free : you don’t have to make the deposit bonus of 100 Free Spins . With the hyperlink given bellow you’ll be able to go to the Mr Green no deposit bonus. You may choose to play Jungle Books free. Still, it won’t be as nearly as exciting as playing for real money.

Mr Green App

Yes, you have the chance to partake in all the benefits of Jungle Books and its lucrative wins using the Jungle Books app. Note to all: The only real Mr Green app is the official one which is totally free. You don’t need to pay or download the app from any suspicious websites.

The Verdict

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