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Halloween Review

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When it comes to bonus offers, aren’t free spins the most enjoyable ones? They go so nicely with extravagant winnings slots like Halloween. At this casino, you are entitled to the LeoVegas free spins twins! You’ll be granted 20 LeoVegas free spins that won’t ask for a deposit, just a moment of your time to sign up. If you want additional Halloween free spins, you shall have them. Still, you need to put a £10 deposit, at least. And voilà! You have 100 more free spins!

LeoVegas No Deposit Bonus

When it comes to deposits, LeoVegas bonus does not need one, you’ll get the Halloween free spins automatically and there’s 20 of them. On the other hand, more promotions means more investments, so for those you’ll need to put in a deposit. Compared to the average deposit amounts in the slot machine industry, this one is mid-range at £10.

LeoVegas Welcome Bonus

We strongly recommend that you pay attention to the LeoVegas Welcome Bonus as it opens up the Halloween free play option. With a 200% bonus that you’re eligible for, on your first deposit, you’ll be one happy punter. Just think about it, you could have as much as £1600 right from the start. With one click on the below placed button it will be yours. After logging in, make a deposit that’s no less than £10. Making the deposit higher is a vital decision as you’ll be receivig a match bonus from the casino.

How to sign up with LeoVegas:

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  • Step 2: At this stage you need to sign up. Just come up with a username and password and give your email.
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Halloween Online: Main Features

We hope you were looking for a Horror-themed game, because you’ve found one which could probably become your favourite. Even if not, definitely check it out because there just could be a connoisseur of Cinema-themed slots hiding inside you. Let’s first cover the basics in this Halloween review before we jump into more details.

  • This casino slot game has 5 reels. It’s a quite common framework that can be found on the lion’s share of 50-line Microgaming game systems.
  • If you’re just starting out, stick with the minimum bet, and play Halloween for real money with a £0.5 per wager.
  • A quick search will reveal that there’s a Halloween mobile version also available.
  • You will have to sacrifice some time in order to understand this mind-blowing game’s rule-book, but it’s a small price to pay for playing this unique slot.
  • Your account could be bursting with money, because you stand to win 150000 coins or £75000 in cash.
  • Halloween RTP percentage (Return to Player) is 96.01%. It takes the cake. Read on to explore what makes it of great significance in internet slots such as this.

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Halloween Jackpot

Oddly enough, this 5-reeler contains no online slot jackpots. Instead of a Halloween jackpot, you can hit 5 of the Laurie symbols which can truly increase your rewards for this Microgaming release by means of a 500x line stake multiplier. The question is, how? Therefore, should you place a bet in the max amount of £200, you’ll take away as much as £75000! Also, these winnings should be plenty to make you forget about the lack of a Jackpot, at least for some time.

How to Play

Read the following pointers and play Halloween online for real money with great success. Namely, with 50 paylines and left to right payout direction, this generous title offers abundant prize options. As soon as the game begins, modify your wager through various coin settings. To play, press: Spin.

You should read the instructions for games such as this because the game is harder to understand that your usual slot. Hopefully following the game’s step by step instructions will help you, along with the games intuitive rules menu.

Step 1: Which is better – the demo version or Halloween with real money?

The primary thing to decide right now is in which way to play Halloween online? Are you here just to exercise or are you a genuine slot geek here to score big? Halloween offers you a chance to work out the ins and outs of the game without having to invest real money. Just find the free mode on the LeoVegas website or on LeoVegas mobile for people on the go. However, seeing as the greatest win in Halloween can go as high as 4000 coins, or up to £2000 per each line you should definitely hurry up and learn to drive without the training wheels.

Step 2: Pick your credit amount

Your wager during Halloween real money is totally up to you. Adjust it when and to what your LeoVegas account dictates as you are spinning. In fact, you can place the minimum £0.5, or go to £200 per spin. What you should remember is that on the 50 lines you won’t win easily, but when you do, it will be huge. You can also use coins for wagering in this Cinema-themed slot. This cool and newfangled slot gives you complete power: the coin value has a minimum of £0.01 and maximum of £0.5 per coin, and the number of coins per line ranges between 1 and 8. Seeking a fast way to wager exactly as much as you want? Just click the Bet Max button.

Step 3: Spin

Usually in such intricately designed games you can select how many of the paylines you want to bet on. Not in Halloween, though. The only choice is – to play all 50. And in fact that doesn’t have to spell failure; playing with all the lines on maximizes your winning chances. That being so, you can plainly go on ahead and flick the Spin switch to start the main event. Engage the Turbo button to start the Halloween 5 reels fast spin mode or begin Auto Play. Let’s now go ahead and have a blast!

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Do not be discouraged by the complexity of this slot. It is only natural to be confused considering it’s quite intricate. However, Halloween comes with a set of rules which are coherent:

  • Check out the paytable for info on payouts, you can access it when you click the button located on the main screen
  • With 3 tiles that match on an activated payline, this slot will give you a reward
  • If you want to have the max number of 50 lines you won’t be able to since it is not an option in this version of Halloween and that’s for the best
  • Payline wins are multiplied by line bet
  • The payment transpires from the left reels to the right reels, with the exception of the scatter, which pays on any position
  • In the event of multiple wins on the variety of paylines, the score will be a tally up.
  • Only the maximum win gets to player’s account in the case of multiple wins on one payline
  • Scatter wins are added to payline wins
  • All the wins and payouts incurred in any affected gaming sessions will be rendered invalid, and all bets refunded, in the case of a hardware or software malfunction
  • Note: Take a look at the LeoVegas terms and conditions in order to find out what are the rules when a round isn’t finished and what time will an inactive play end automatically

Paylines and Reels

Concerning the reel count; Microgaming made the decision of appointing 5 reels to this exhilarating label with which they try to attract attention to its Cinema tag theme. The well-known downward direction is the only way these 5 reels move in the popular Halloween. It’s thus achievable, when spinning them in this smashin’ game to only focus on racking in those big ones. Concentrate on Halloween symbols and learn them well so you’ll indentify the sizable wins the second they come along. Actually, the reels have 13 tiles which materialize randomly, including the slot’s wild and scatter symbol. Also, always pay attention to the special symbol: Jumbo Blocks.

Paylines are lines which run across the 5 reels, determining which combinations bring prizes in this Microgaming slot machine. There are 50 of them, and they can help you win that £75000 prize. You’ll have better chances of hitting a combo if all paylines are activated. The worst feeling in the world is when you see a prize on an unselected payline! That’s why in Halloween you’ll have all paylines automatically on. Halloween has 50 paylines that pay left to right. Halloween will pay you colossal prizes.

The Highest Paying Symbol

Do you want to boost your bankroll? Then hope for the symbol that works as a jackpot – Laurie. When you get 5, your win-line bet will be multiplied 500 times. And if you actually hit 5 of those tiles, and the payline is an active one, then your bet will be augmented 500x. How much money is that? That, our dear punters, could be £2000. But to get that much, you must bet £4 on all 50 paylines.

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Regular Symbols

Microgaming included a total of 13 symbols into this online title. In addition to the Laurie which we’ve already discussed, this riveting slot also involves:

  • The Loomis icon which pays 200x line stake
  • With the Annie emblem you can count on a 150x line bet multiplier
  • The Lynda tile rewards you by multiplying your line stake 120 times
  • There’s the Pistol tile with its 100x line bet multiplier
  • With the Knitting Needles & Wool figure you’ll receive 70x stake per line.

Extra Symbols

  • The Laurie, Loomis, Annie and Lynda picture, which summons the Free Bonus Spins round
  • The mark that re-activates the Bonus Round – Michael
  • The Halloween Logo wild symbol
  • The Bonus scatter icon


Finding the wild symbol in Halloween is easy – it bears the game’s name: Halloween Logo. The wild tile has the ability to replace any of the 13 different tiles in Halloween on any of the selected paylines. With Halloween Logo you’d have to be a real-life cooler in order to not win in the Halloween game!

The Scatter Symbol: Bonus

The above symbol is considered by many to be the game changer in Halloween, its name is the Scatter. The scatter was given the name Bonus. The thing about the Halloween scatter that everyone loves is that it’s not restricted by the 50 lines. It pays on any position.

Special Features

This slot has a lot of eye candy for Cinema fans.

Free Rounds

Free Spins in Halloween represent a special bonus that’s designed to enable you to play Halloween free and bank real cash. The Laurie, Loomis, Annie and Lynda symbol triggers this bonus feature. The free spins will be eliginle for 9 rounds .

Boogeyman: The Bonus Round

The Boogeyman in-game bonus feature represents a cool break in spinning. Plus, it awards some great prizes. The Boogeyman feature is sparked off at the moment when the Michael symbols are seen on the reels.

The Trick or Treat Wheel Multiplier

Now concentrate, for we are about to dive into the realm of the mighty multiplier called the Trick or Treat Wheel: Once activated, it can increase your stake up to 10 times, without having to bet again. However, you don’t get the maximum multiplier at once. Trick or Treat Wheel builds up gradually, starting from 2x. The first win is the smallest, but every next win like a thunderstorm approaching will be stronger and stronger increasing the prize by 1 times every round. What this means is that LeoVegas punters get additional winning opportunities with every winner hit on those 5 reels. And more chances means Halloween pays more!

Halloween – Is it a VideoSlot?

Without a doubt! This is a video slot, and the fashionable graphics have some interesting animation tricks and sounds which put an emphasis on its Horror theme. It’s obvious that Halloween belongs to the category of graphically more advanced slots. Apart from such games, there are also classic slots with such astonishing flair, whose retro style still attracts numerous punters.

Game Sounds

Characteristic audio is what you’ll find in this Cinema-themed slot. With this 50-payline slot’s amazing design, the tunes make perfect sense. But if you prefer spinning those 5 reels without being distracted by the sounds, this LeoVegas title’s dashboard contains a mute button that Microgaming included as a one-click solution to your problem.

Download Halloween

LeoVegas download is a thing of the past. It’s much more convinient to play Halloween online. Online casinos which include instant-play for Microgaming slots are a bit more expedient than the ones that require a Microgaming release download, merely due to saving time, effort and drive space. Just stop dwelling on Halloween download, but instead, login to an account today using the service of LeoVegas, – all it takes is one click on the button below and focus on fetching that highest prize in Halloween which is up to £75000.

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Quick Info on Microgaming:

Headquarters: MGS House, Circular Road, Douglas IM1 1BL
Web Page:
Markets: Gaming Operations, Online and Mobile Gaming Applications, E-Gaming Platform, Gaming Products & Software Solutions
Founder: Martin Moshal
Founded in: 1994

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about playing Halloween at LeoVegas:

What does it mean when a slot has an RTP?

RTP stands for Return to Player and is calculated by statistically tracking Halloween wins over an exact time period. They are percentage notations. For example you’ll find that the RTP is between 93% to 96% in slots with 50 paylines.

What is Halloween RTP value?

The game’s Cinema theme will be fun to play, even though the 96.01% Halloween RTP rate won’t knock you off your feet.

How can I withdraw my winnings?

Collecting your win from Halloween is very easy. Your LeoVegas account will hold all of the prizes you’ve won. Determine which withdrawal methods suits you best , and think carefully about how you’ll spend it! Of course, should you need any more help, you can always contact LeoVegas customer support.

Can I use my credit card to make a withdrawal?

Yes, LeoVegas now accepts Visa and also MasterCard . You can use the Paysafe prepaid card because it’s supported.

Is using Paypal allowed?

Sure, LeoVegas Paypal withdrawals are very common. Other than Paypal, you can opt for Skrill and Neteller.

Is there a way to play Halloween for free?

Yes, you can play the fully functioning Halloween free version courtesy of 20 no deposit free spins . This LeoVegas no deposit bonus you’ll get immediately after you sign up. No promo code required, either, so just click below and transfer the LeoVegas no deposit bonus to your account. Halloween is likewise accessible for fun play onto the website, just don’t expect to win anything.

Halloween App

You can have at it! Halloween is adapted to your need for having tons of fun with its unexpected money downpouring Halloween app. And hear us: The only genuine LeoVegas app is the licensed program downloadable here and costing nothing. You need not pay a cent or download the app from alternative download web pages.


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