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VideoSlots is a modern online casino where you can play Golden Chief, as well as a range of other high-reward SG Interactive slot games. Additionally, you’re account will be visited by the VideoSlots bonus fairy! VideoSlots has a special offer, and here’s what it is: 11 free spins without deposit, and 150 free spins that are deposit-depended and a £10 free money bonus , more money will be yours with the 100% match deposit bonus, also known as the VideoSlots welcome bonus. This means you could get £400.

VideoSlots Free spins

There’s nothing better than free spins, is there? They’re especially useful when you play Golden Chief and other extravagant winnings slots. Unlike some casinos, here you’ll be given a nice little bonus in the shape of two VideoSlots free spins features, meaning you will play with a no deposit11 VideoSlots free spins bonus that comes with signing up. We’d be lying if we said that Golden Chief free spins are easily spent. You’ll need to grab your credit card and assign your VideoSlots account with £10 or more. And instantly, you’ll get 150 more free spins. Let’s say you’ve decided to take VideoSlots up on this offer, what’s your next move? It’s simple – follow the link we gave you. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy. That course of action is the only one you can take in order to use the promo.

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Looking at the VideoSlots bonus page, you’ll find you can get one more no deposit bonus. To get to the VideoSlots website, you the link we’ve put here and then you’ll have £10 as given by the VideoSlots no deposit bonus.

VideoSlots Welcome Bonus

The VideoSlots Welcome Bonus represents one of the benefits of being a member. One of the things you be able to do with it is to play Golden Chief free of charge. Expect to grab as much as £400 as a deposit match bonus which represents 100% of the deposit. The promo is given only to those who came to it from this website. There’s no need to muck about on the internet if you want this promotion, simply click the link we have in this article. Once you’ve registered, and before you start playing, you need to make a deposit of £10, minimum. But, if you’re a serious player, you won’t be placing the minimum – the casino is going to match that deposit, therefore the bonus will be much bigger.

How to sign up with VideoSlots:

  • Step 1: The first step is to click the hyperling we’ve put in this article which will activate the VideoSlots bonus.
  • Step 2: Create a new user account. It’s takes only minutes. Just fill out the required info.
  • Step 3: The third and final step is to enjoy 11 Free Spins and £10 and a a VideoSlots welcome bonus of 100% up to £400 welcome bonus after deposit.
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Golden Chief Online: Main Features

We hope you are searching for a Adventure-themed slot-game, because you’ve just found one, one that could become your best-loved. And if not, at least check it out ’cause there could be Native American-themed slots buff hiding inside of you. Let’s first go over the nuts and bolts in this Golden Chief review before we delve into more details.

  • The reels in this slot are numbered 1 to 5, which is rather customary, as are the 100 paylines.
  • The minimum bet you must place to play Golden Chief for real money is £0.1 per bet.
  • When you install the new Golden Chief mobile version you’ll be charging your phone more frequently.
  • It’s or sincere recommendation that you study the rules of this slot with care, ’cause SG Interactive put a lot of work into making them as intricate as possible, this is not your parent’s slot.
  • This is the biggest prize in Golden Chief: £250000 in cash.
  • The Golden Chief RTP is 94.12% to 98.14%. It takes the cake. Read on to explore what makes it of great significance in internet slots such as this.

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Golden Chief Jackpot

SG Interactive opted to skip the online slot jackpots feature for this 5-reel slot. But what you do get instead of a Golden Chief jackpot is the the Squaw symbol’s top prize which can quickly boost your win in this VideoSlots game by multiplying your line stake 80 times. Thus, you can win yourself £250000, providing your bet was the maximum amount £500 per spin. This should be enough to help you forget about the missing Jackpot, at least for a while.

Guide to Playing

If you have any questions about how to play Golden Chief online for real money, we have prepared a brief overview. All left to right combos containing 3 or more alike symbols are eligible for a win. Default bet value is rarely exactly what you want, so use the time to set your bet size and amount, by choosing one of the preset settings. Big bets bring big wins, too. Now find the Spin button, and play.

Although excellent, this game could be confusing at first glance. For slot game beginners it will probably stay confusing at the second and third glance too. Just observe the steps in the following guide and we will try to unravel this mistery together, because the official rules will be of no help as they were clearly written by someone with no intention of making it easier.

Step 1: Play Golden Chief for real money or for free?

We want to help you make a choice whether to play Golden Chief online for real money or the less serious free version. Golden Chief offers you a chance to work out the ins and outs of the game without having to invest real money. Just find the free mode on the VideoSlots website or on VideoSlots mobile for people on the go. However, seeing as the greatest win in Golden Chief can go as high as £40000 you should definitely hurry up and learn to drive without the training wheels.

Step 2: Choose your credit size

Your wager during Golden Chief real money is totally up to you. Adjust it when and to what your VideoSlots account dictates as you are spinning. In fact, you can place the minimum £0.1, or go to £500 per spin. What you should remember is that on the 100 lines you won’t win easily, but when you do, it will be huge. Are the stakes too hot or too cold? Set them to be just right with the size/value button.

Step 3: Appointing active lines

This next point is for you dedicate your time on the paylines No. You’ll need no less than 10 activated. This means having a rather low wager of £0.1, but keep in mind that winnings will probably be scarce. It’s always recommended to go with the top number of 100 paylines. Your bet will be somewhat higher You must realize it’s unrealistic to expect to select just winning lines and activate them. Once you’ve sorted this out, go on, click Spin and start having fun. Yahoo! It’s time to party!

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Although we have a lot of praise for Golden Chief we can’t avoid the cold hard truth; This is a complicated game with a complicated rules menu. These are the highlights:

  • The paytable measures out the payouts, it can be toggled with its icon
  • Prizes are distributed for any count of 3 or a higher matching, touching symbols
  • Choose a maximum of 100 lines
  • The prizes you get from the win combos are paid only if the line is activated and this doesn’t include the scatter wins
  • The winnings are calculated by multiplying line bet by line wins
  • The wins are paid out from the left-side reels to the right-side ones apart from the scatter, which pays any way
  • In the case of any multiple wins on a variety of paylines, there will be a tally up
  • In the case of multiple wins on a single payline, the only paid one is the highest one
  • Payline wins will be added to any scatter wins
  • The total bet is multiplied by the scatter wins
  • Payouts and prizes are going to be deemed as invalid when an malfunction happens on this slot’s sofrware or hardware. However, all bets are eligible for a refund.
  • NB: Confer with the terms and conditions of VideoSlots so as to be on familiar terms with the procedures for the management of the game rounds which are not finished. This is also valid for the time following the automatic ending of inactive play sessions

Reels and Paylines

This refined online slot was carefully crafted by SG Interactive who decided to put in 5 reels designed to emphasize the Native American motif. The ever faithful downward direction is the one these 5 reels spin in Golden Chief. Thus, it is possible, when you are playing this lively game just to concentrate on scoring that big win. Players should make sure that they know Golden Chief symbols really well, as they will earn them some profitable wins. This online slot game was given 11 symbols which drop on your screen in an arbitrary fashion, including a wild and a scatter symbol. The 11 figures include an expanding wild, in charge of covering the reels.

Winnings in Golden Chief are determined by its generous paylines. One of the symbol combinations that land on the lines you selected will bring you that £250000 capital reward. In order to have the best results, choose all Golden Chief win-lines. SG Interactive left an option to deactivate lines so the prize can come from only 10 lines. You can do this by clicking on the lines you wish to deactivate. Yet, know that this is not the most profitable solution for Golden Chief play. In Golden Chief you can expect 100 paylines to give out the payouts left to right. Golden Chief doesn’t pay out only the lowest prizes, there are some generous rewards available here.

Top Reward Symbol

SG Interactive gave us the Squaw tile – one of the most profitable tiles here that’s a kind of a jackpot bringing the top winner. You’ll get a 80x line bet with 5 of them. We are certain you’d like to win £, but that much money won’t be just handed to you on a plate. You have to have all 100 paylines in the game and wager £ on each of those lines.

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Standard Symbols

Including the aforementioned the Squaw symbol, there are 11 symbols in this visually simple slot:

  • The Bear and Totem figures with a multiplier of 60x of your bet per line
  • The Ace figure pays 30x of the line stake
  • The King, Queen, Jack and 10 symbols, which provide the lowest prizes of 20x bet per line.

Bonus Symbols

  • The Wild piece
  • The Golden Bonus scatter tile
  • The expanding wild tile named Chief


Spotting the wild symbol in Golden Chief isn’t difficult at all . Its name is obvious – Wild. In Adventure-themed video slot games the wild can substitute for any one of 11 symbols. So if you don’t score often with Wild, the only explanation is that you’ve been cursed by a mummy! The wild itself pays 500x when all 5 are lined up on the reels.

The Golden Bonus Scatter

Amongst Golden Chief cool symbols is the Scatter. You’ll recognize it under the name Golden Bonus. What makes the Golden Chief scatter so interesting is the lack of restriction on the part of the 100 lines. It is going to pay regardless of its position. Depending on your luck, these little tile can get you up to 500x – and that’s the prize for all of the 5, combined. The powerful Golden Bonus scatter can also trigger the freespins game and the bonus round. Among the 11 symbols, this one is the only one that with such powers.

Extra Games

Let’s learn how to get even more of those first-rate payments from Golden Chief.

Free Spin Games

Golden Chief also has a great feature called Free Spin Gamble. It’s one more way to earn more cash than you normally could – a Golden Chief free round that keeps your account balance intact. The beginning of the round is indicated by the Golden Bonus symbol, and it also works as a Scatter. These free spins can be repeated for 10 rounds .

Bonus Feature

Does an additional win of £250000 sound good? The Cash Canyon special was put in so you could relax before continuing the play. Besides, it can boost your account. The Cash Canyon feature is triggered by the Golden Bonus tile when it falls the reels.

The Totem Riches Multiplier Feature

When you start playing Golden Chief you’ll quickly figure out how the Totem Riches multiplier feature works, but here’s the jist of it: It’s primary superpower is to multiply the money of the payline it occupies. The Totem Riches can increase your win by a 500 times. Totem Riches extends from 2x and takes a step at a time to get to the maximum 500 times. This feature enables VideoSlots players to get more out of those 5 reels. Thus, it’s easy to see how Golden Chief is a lucrative slot.

Is Golden Chief a Video Slot?

Definitely! As a video slot, this incomplex title has quite advanced graphics and sounds in line with its Adventure theme. It’s fairly simple to place this SG Interactive game in the branch of visually advanced releases. There are also classic slots with such entertaining flair, that even though they may seem a little underdevelopped, they still boast countless fans who love to play them.

In-game Audio

Having a completely Native American-themed game is the best case scenario, true? That’s why SG Interactive wanted to let you enjoy Golden Chief to the fullest by incorporating Native American-themed audio effect to go with the slot’s clean-cut design. But, in case you are going for £250000 and you don care about the audio, just click on Golden Chief mute button and you’ll be set.

Download Golden Chief

VideoSlots download is no more. The only way left is the simple solution to play Golden Chief online. Now, the download procedure takes up more time and space on the computer, so these online casinos which include this 5-reeler or these instant-play casinos are slightly more convenient to use. Stop worrying about Golden Chief download, instead, join up with VideoSlots this instant, – there’s a button below that you should click and focus on fetching that Golden Chief max prize – up to £250000.

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SG Interactive Facts and Figures

Markets: Instant, Interactive and Draw Games, Lottery Systems, Desktop, Mobile and Social iGaming Software, Lottery and Gaming Operations Management, Gaming Terminals and Gaming Terminal Content
Web Page:
Founder: John Koza and Daniel Bower
Headquarters: 6650 S. El Camino Road Las Vegas, NV 89118
Founded in: 1973

Questions and Answers

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about playing Golden Chief at VideoSlots:

What is slot RTP?

The RTP – short for Return to Player – is calculated from statistical tracking of Golden Chief payouts over a long period of time. It is always expressed in percentages, and the RTP in slots with 100 paylines is likely to range from 93% to 96%.

Is Golden Chief RTP good or bad?

The fun you can have playing this 5-reeler can only be matched by its equally pleasing Golden Chief RTP rate of 98.14%, which is really enjoyable.

Withdrawal instructions

So you won big time! Now what? Well, collecting your money is pretty straightforward. Every winner you hit goes to your VideoSlots account. Next, choose the withdrawal method , and that’s all you need to do. VideoSlots also has a customer support service that can give you any information you need.

Are withdrawals made with credit cards acceptable?

You will find all major credit cards listed , and Paysafe Card is there as a valid prepaid choice.

Is Paypal supported?

At this time the VideoSlots Paypal withdrawals are denied. No problem, you can use Neteller or Skrill. Sometimes the simplest solution is also the best. That’s why VideoSlots added the wire transfer, too.

Is there a way to play Golden Chief for free?

The answer is yes. Anybody can play Golden Chief free with 11 Free Spins you get when you sign up with. Get the VideoSlots no deposit bonus by clicking the hyperlink that’s found bellow. The Golden Chief fun play version is also a possibility if you visit the casino website. Know that you won’t earn any real money, though.

Golden Chief App

A Golden Chief app isn’t an option. But, if you are adamant on spinning this everyman’s game on an Android or Apple device, visit the VideoSlots web page and spin your heart out with many post-millennialist slots via it’s internet browser. Be on the lookout for web sites trying to scam you out of your money by selling the VideoSlots app, those are just shoddy fakes!

The Verdict

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