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This review strives to provide you with all the info you need to play Gnome Wood online and achieve the best online slots experience with it. First and foremost you’ll be needing your very own LeoVegas account. If you take a look at the above button, you’ll see that it will redirect you to the sign-up form.

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LeoVegas, the place to be if you are looking to play Gnome Wood and other Magic-themed high-reward Microgaming online slot games. One of the more interesting features that awaits you is the LeoVegas bonus. Did someone mention bonus offers? Tell us if this will do: 20 free spins without a required deposit; and 100 free spins with a deposit , plus £1600 given as the LeoVegas welcome bonus. That’s 200% of your first deposit matched.

LeoVegas Free spins

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate a game that has free spins? A perfect way to play Gnome Wood or any other extravagant winnings slot game. This casino will provide you with the LeoVegas free spins twins! You’ll be granted a no deposit bonus – a gift of20 LeoVegas free spins just so you feel welcome. If you want additional Gnome Wood free spins, you shall have them. You will get these providing you’ve placed £10 as a deposit to your LeoVegas account. And that’s it – you received 100 free spins that will, hopefull, earn you loads of money.

LeoVegas No Deposit Bonus

The one LeoVegas bonus which is available without making a deposit is the 20 Gnome Wood free spins bonus. The deposit minimum comes at £10 – not an excessive sum, we’re sure.

LeoVegas Welcome Bonus

Gnome Wood free play is a privilege granted to members via the LeoVegas Welcome Bonus feature. Your deposit is going to be matched with a 200% bonus. Thus, the amount of money you’re getting could be £1600. You’ll be a proud owner of this promo by clicking the link given here. To make the deposit you have to put up minimum £10. Or, make the most out of this one-time only offer by going for a larger amount. Everything you place into your account will return to you as the bonus money.

How to sign up with LeoVegas:

  • Step 1: The LeoVegas bonus will be yours once you click the Play Now button in this review.
  • Step 2: Go to the on the Join Now button and click it in order to register. Put in a username, your email and come up with a password. Then enter the LeoVegas bonus code.
  • Step 3: Your account is now credited with 20 Free Spins just for signing up, and if you make a deposit you’ll get a LeoVegas welcome bonus of 200% up to £1600. Now you can play Gnome Wood online for real money.
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We hope you were looking for a Magic-themed game, because you’ve found one which could probably become your favourite. Even if not, definitely check it out because there just could be a connoisseur of Fairy Tale-themed slots hiding inside you. Let’s first cover the basics in this Gnome Wood review before we jump into more details.

  • This slot game has 5 reels. It’s a fairly usual setup that can be found on most 25-line Microgaming games.
  • Just £0.25 is what you need to play Gnome Wood for real money.
  • A quick search will reveal that there’s a Gnome Wood mobile version also available.
  • Sit down and take some time to familiarize yourself with the rules, you’ll need to if you want to get good at this slot.
  • Gnome Wood will give you amazing prizes, so you could walk away with 50000 coins or £100000 in cash.
  • It’s interesting that the Gnome Wood RTP is 96.63%. With odds like that you only need one lucky game to win for the count. Just scroll through this chapter to see the other factors that help swing the game in your favor.

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Gnome Wood Jackpot

No online slot jackpots of any kind here. So, instead of a Gnome Wood jackpot, you have the Gnome symbol which is there to boost your account with 1000x of your line bet. Imagine you bet the max amount of £50 on each spin – this will help you win £100000! Do you still feel like the jackpot is a must-have? No? Good! Now you can focus on the game and have fun!

How to Play

A brief review on how to play Gnome Wood online for real money coming up, so stay tuned. The game pays left to right, but you need at least 3 matching symbols for a win. So, spin those 5 reels, but not before you decide on the bet amount. Wagers in cash and coin values can be toggled right there on the game’s control panel. Big bets bring big wins, too. Now find the Spin button, and play.

Before starting you should concentrate on learning the hows and whys of the game. It’s more challenging than playing your basic slot. Following the instructions will help you tackle the few more difficult game mechanics that only the experts know of. Accompanying the instructions are the rules of the game which are very useful for understanding the core-game mechanics.

Step 1: Gnome Wood real money mode vs free play

The first choice you need to make is whether you’ll play Gnome Wood online for cash, or the free version.

Step 2: Pick your credit amount

Your wager amount remains fully flexible for the entire time of Gnome Wood real money play, allowing you to adjust it as and when you wish, depending on your gaming strategy. Go for the lowest bet of £0.25, or boost it up to £50 and bear in mind that the 25 lines don’t pay out easily or quickly. However, when the wins do come, they are amazing! It is possible for you to use coins for gambling on this Fairy Tale-themed game. With the line bet being 1 coins, this wager can’t be lowered or raised, and yet you have the ability to raise or lower the coin values, with this being in the scope: £0.01 to £2. Setting your bet is hassle-free and quick with the handy Bet Max button. Use the bet size button for a precise tuning of your wager.

Step 3: Spin

Usually in such intricately designed games you can select how many of the paylines you want to bet on. Not in Gnome Wood, though. The only choice is – to play all 25. Although, this, has some very positive implications – the catch is that with all of the lines working, Gnome Wood 3D slot will bring many more prizes. That being so, you can plainly go on ahead and flick the Spin switch to start the main event. If you seek to play effortlessly, check out the Auto Play option. Woo-hoo! It’s play time!

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Gnome Wood could prove to be a challenge if you’re not concentrated enough. This is why it is of the utmost importance to study the rule-book:

  • All the payouts are issued by the paytable figure. Seek for the paytable command with its sister icon
  • Getting a winner is not complicated – spinning the reels and matching 3 symbols is all you have to do
  • You must bet on every single payline of the given 25
  • Payline wins are multiplied by line bet
  • The pay-outs here will be given in the left to right direction, yet the scatter will pay you any which way
  • if you win on two or more paylines, your total prize is the sum of all these wins, combined
  • If there are multiple wins on the same payline, only the highest one is paid
  • Scatter pays and payline wins will be added up
  • The only place a wild appears is on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • Without exception, wild wins incorporate an added 2x multiplier
  • In case the gaming hardware or software fail to perform, know that the wins and payments will be momentarily be regarded as null and void, while the bets that were influenced by the failure will qualify for a compensation
  • NB: Confer with the terms and conditions of LeoVegas so as to be on familiar terms with the procedures for the management of the game rounds which are not finished. This is also valid for the time following the automatic ending of inactive play sessions

Reels and Paylines

When Microgaming was deciding about the amount of reels, they purposefully set out to create this advanced title with 5 reels that highlight well its Fairy Tale topic. The ever faithful downward direction is the one these 5 reels spin in Gnome Wood. Thus, it is possible, when you are playing this lively game just to concentrate on scoring that big win. Gnome Wood symbols is something you should know by heart since they will bring you colossal prizes. The 5 reels have 13 tiles which appear at random, including a wild and a scatter symbol.

Paylines are lines which run across the 5 reels, determining which combinations bring prizes in this Microgaming slot machine. There are 25 of them, and they can help you win that £100000 prize. Anybody who plays slots can tell you that the more paylines you engage the more options for prizes you will have. Thankfully, in Gnome Wood the outdated option of selectable paylines has been removed by Microgaming. Oh, the times they are a-changing! These 25 paylines will pay in left to right direction. The money they carry will be hitting your account every so often, but it will be quite rewarding. And with 25 lines, you are going to have enough of chances to come out as a serious winner.

Top Win Symbol

Gnome is the figure you’ll want to pay attention to – it is a sort of a jackpot here. In order for it to multiply your payline bet by 1000 times, you need 5 of them. So if you place £2– the maximum line stake, the reward would be a big sum of 1000 coins that are worth up to £2000 for each of the selected winning paylines.

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Regular Symbols

Apart from the Gnome, the imagery of this Microgaming title involves various other symbols, including:

  • The Mouse image brining 700x line bet
  • The Cauldron icon was tasked with multiplying your line bet by 250x
  • The Spellbook figure carries 200x line stake
  • The Plant symbol that brings 125x bet per line
  • With the Earth Rune figure you’ll receive 25x stake per line.

Bonus Symbols

  • The Wondering Wild and Wondering Wild x2 wild piece
  • The Free Spins scatter symbol


You’ll easily find the Gnome Wood wild tile – it’s the Wondering Wild and Wondering Wild x2 symbol. The Magic-style is not the only characteristic of this Wild – it works as a replacement for any of the 13 figures in this 3D slot. The slot will incorporate this figure on reels: 2, 3, 4 and 5. All the combinations that align will bring you the original winnings multiplied by 2 if they contain one of the Wondering Wild and Wondering Wild x2 symbol. With just this tile you can receive a multiplier of 1000x

The Scatter Symbol: Free Spins

The above symbol is considered by many to be the game changer in 3D slots, its name is the Scatter. The scatter was given the name Free Spins. The main advantage of the Gnome Wood scatter is mirrored in the freedom from 25 lines, meaning that it pays on any position. The mighty Free Spins scatter is also the trigger for the freespins mode. Bringing in super wins, starting up special features… all the other 13 symbols can only dream of such power.

Special Features

Now that we’ve covered the details for the regular gameplay of this joyful slot game, let’s go one step further.

Free Games

One of Gnome Wood features which you are sure to love is the plainly called Free Spins bonus that grants you gratis Gnome Wood rounds within the real money play. The beginning of the round is indicated by the Free Spins symbol, and it also works as a Scatter. The number of spins is limited to 10 .

Double or Nothing

This special bonus named Gamble allows you to take a risk with what you won in Gnome Wood and go home with more cash. Select Golden Cauldron or Copper Cauldron and see if you made the right selection. You must keep in mind that Gamble can double Gnome Wood winnings or make them disappear. It’s up to you to guess which is the right option. If the choice you’ve made is a bad one, Gamble will take the last spin’s winnings. Still, Microgaming wanted to leave you with an option – play yes or continue spinning. There’s a limit to what you can win – 5000 coins. In terms of money, that’s £10000.

Is This 5-Reeler a 3D Slot?

Definitely! Visually, nothing can beat a 3D Slot, so this Fairy Tale online slot will surely be your cup of tea. Besides the 3D effects on those 5 reels, its 25 paylines will surely bring some hefty prizes. It’s fairly simple to place this Microgaming game in the branch of visually advanced releases. There are also classic slots with such entertaining flair, that even though they may seem a little underdevelopped, they still boast countless fans who love to play them.

In-game Audio

When you play a Fairy Tale-themed slot, you want a complete experience, right? Microgaming dedicated itself to making playing Gnome Wood as genuine as possible, so it produced Fairy Tale-themed sounds to accompany the intricately designed interface of the game. Still if you prefer those 5 reels spinning without the accompanying sounds, Microgaming installed a mute toggle into Gnome Wood, which will deprive you of the sounds in a single click.

Gnome Wood Download

Your only option is to play Gnome Wood online, because here is no LeoVegas download available. Direct-play virtual casinos are much more trouble-free than the ones requiring an initial Gnome Wood download. It saves you time and doesn’t clog up your hard disk space. Spend not a minute more on Gnome Wood download. Game time should be used to sign up with LeoVegas right away, by following the link just below and win the £2000 max prize on each winning line.

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About Microgaming:

Active since: 1994
Founder: Martin Moshal
Address: MGS House, Circular Road, Douglas IM1 1BL
Products: Online and Mobile Gaming Applications, E-Gaming Platform, Gaming Products & Software Solutions, Gaming Operations

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to know more about LeoVegas promotions or Gnome Wood strategies? Read on!

Slot game RTP – what is it?

RTP is an acronym formed from the initial letters of Return to Player, which stands for the percentage of payouts to be expected calculated by collecting statistical data of previous Gnome Wood wins. It is always expressed in percentages, and the RTP in slots with 25 paylines is likely to range from 93% to 96%.

What can I expect based on the Gnome Wood RTP?

Considering Gnome Wood RTP of 96.63%, this fun 3D game gives solid entertainment and throws a very fair return rate into the bargain.

How can I withdraw my winnings?

Getting the winnings from Gnome Wood to your wallet is no trouble at all. Your LeoVegas account will hold all of the prizes you’ve won. Then you pick the withdrawal method , and that’s all you need to do. In case you have some questions, just ask LeoVegas customer support for help.

Can my credit card be accepted when making a withdrawal?

LeoVegas accepts Visa and MasterCard both . You can use the Paysafe prepaid card because it’s supported.

Can I utilize my Paypal?

That’s a yes, transferring using connected LeoVegas Paypal accounts is a recommended option. There are other options as well, like Neteller and Skrill.

Is there a possibility of playing Gnome Wood free?

Yes, you can play the fully functioning Gnome Wood free version using the 20 no deposit LeoVegas free spins . This LeoVegas no deposit bonus you’ll get immediately after you sign up. No promo code required, either, so just click below and transfer the LeoVegas no deposit bonus to your account. Casual Gnome Wood free play is also available. However, it’s not real money play, so you will make no real money.

LeoVegas App

Indeed, you can enjoy all the benefits of the Gnome Wood considerable if rare payouts using the Gnome Wood app. Take note: There is only one official totally free LeoVegas app. So please take care not to pay for the app or download it from suspicious websites.


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