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This review strives to provide you with all the info you need to play Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds online and achieve the best online slots experience with it. It’s simple – register an account with Casumo by pressing the toggle above to open the sign-up page.

Play Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds at Casumo

You can play Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds at Casumo, but also many other great online slot games that cover a range of topics. You can most likely find whatever you’d like to spin. The themes vary: Fantasy, aliens, superheroes, movies, mythology and numerous others. There’s a Casumo bonus as well, which makes things particularly interesting. While we’re talking about bonus offers, you will get 20 free spins – no deposit + 180 free spins after deposit , as well as a generous Casumo welcome bonus of 200% up to £1200.

Casumo Free spins

Fact: free spins are everyone’s favourite feature when playing online slots. True? They go so nicely with constantly compensating slots like Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds. Your soon-to-be favourite online casino delivers a great deal – a double Casumo free spins bonus that’ll make your head spin. To start off, you’ll receive 20 Casumo free spins just for signing up. Up for some more Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds free spins? This time you will need to make a deposit to your Casumo account of £10. As soon as you do, you’ll get another 180 free spins.

Casumo No Deposit Bonus

Apart from the 20 Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds free spins all bonuses offered by Casumo need you to make a deposit in advance. Even still, the £10, the minimum cash requirement, sounds pretty sensible.

Casumo Welcome Bonus

Do the words ‘Casumo Welcome Bonus’ sound like fun to you? That’s because it’s fun to play Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds free, which is exactly what you will be doing. Right now, there is a 200% bonus with the maximum amount of £1200 for you to enjoy. One click below, on the button in the text, and it’s yours. There is a deposit requirement: £10. The idea behind this promotion is for the casino to match whatever you put in, so have that in mind when choosing the amount. It can be a very good investment.

How to sign up with Casumo:

  • Step 1: Activate the Casumo bonus by clicking through from this review.
  • Step 2: Create a new user account. It’s takes only minutes. Just fill out the required info.
  • Step 3: The third and final step is to enjoy 20 Free Spins and a a Casumo welcome bonus of 200% up to £1200 welcome bonus after deposit.
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Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds Online: Main Features

Do you long for a good Fantasy-themed slot? Betsoft Gaming humbly presents this War-related game. Read the Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds review and see why it is of the utmost importance that you give this slot a shot. Below you’ll find all the rule clarifications beginning with the basic features of the game.

  • The reels of this game are numbered 1 to 5, which is fairly standard, just like the 20 paylines.
  • If you’re just starting out, stick with the minimum bet, and play Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds for real money with a £0.4 per wager.
  • There is no Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds mobile version yet.
  • It’s or sincere recommendation that you study the rules of this slot with care, ’cause Betsoft Gaming put a lot of work into making them as intricate as possible, this is not your parent’s slot.
  • The highest amount you can win is when you hit 50000 coins or £50000 in cash.
  • Wondering about Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds RTP? It’s 95.21%. Don’t be perplexed by how modest it is, things are not always as they seem. All will be explained in the following paragraphs.

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Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds Jackpot

Oddly enough, this 5-reeler contains no online slot jackpots. Instead of a Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds jackpot, you can hit 5 of the Crown symbols which can truly increase your rewards for this Betsoft Gaming release by means of a 250x line stake multiplier. The question is, how? Well, if you bet the max amount of £100, this can equate to you winning £1250 per each line you wager on. Winning this should hopefully ease the fact that there is no jackpot in the slot.

Playing Tips

If you have any questions about how to play Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds online for real money, we have prepared a brief overview. Any 3 or more alike symbols, lined up both ways, will bring a win back to you First set your wager with adjusting the coin number. This increases your stake but also the amount you will win. To make your first spin, just click on the Spin button.

However, before you do, make sure that you read the instructions below. This is a relatively complicated game, and beginners might find it confusing at times. We hope you find this step-by-step guide helpful, but in the case you find yourself unsure of any part of the gameplay, just take a peek at the game’s rules.

Step 1: Play Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds for real money or for free?

You usually have to decide on the free play-test version or the proffesional real-money version, if you want to start to play Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds online. If you’d like to give Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds a try without investing any money, the Casumo website offers you its free play version available also on Casumo mobile. However, if the top win totalling up to £1250 per line in cash is what you’re after, you should opt for real money mode.

Step 2: Select the size of your credit

Bet size in Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds real money is freely changeable, and entirely up to you. Betsoft Gaming gave you the chance to alter it as and when it suits you. You can set it to the minimum: £0.4, or go as high as £100 in a single spin. Let’s not forget that this adrenaline-packed slot game has small but plentiful wins, so you can place insubstantial wagers and yet still get a reasonable return. You have the chance to use a serious amount of coins when spinning this 5-reel casino game. This lively and glamourous-seeming slot game lets the player have an awesome amount of control: the coin value has a range of between £0.02 and maximum of £1 per coin, and the total number of coins per line has a range between 1 and 5. It’s easy to tweak your bet in Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds – simply set you preferred amount using the designated Bet Max button.

Step 3: Spin

If you want to select your paylines in Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds, know that that’s not possible. That’s quite strange for such a beautifully designed game, but it is what it is. All of them will be activated. And in fact that doesn’t have to spell failure; with all of the lines active, your winning odds will be significantly improved. That being so, you can plainly go on ahead and flick the Spin switch to start the main event. You may want to use the Turbo button if you want Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds 5 reels to get a speed boost or you can simply start an Auto Play round. No more delay – let’s play Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds online!

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As you may have gathered, Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds is a somewhat difficult 5-reeler. Nobody likes to bother with the rules, but with Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds you’ll need to read them in order to become a winner. Study the rules and get to know the game:

  • All the payouts are issued by the paytable figure. Seek for the paytable command with its sister icon
  • If you attain 3 symbols that are the same, you secure a prize. Naturally, only if they are next to each other.
  • It’s a rule to play with all 20 lines turned on
  • Line wagers are multiplied with the payline wins value.
  • Payline win pay-outs occur as follows: from the reels on the left side to those on the right, and in the reverse order
  • In the case of any multiple wins on a variety of paylines, there will be a tally up
  • In case a payline holds multiple wins, the topmost win is going to your bankroll
  • In the event of malfunction of the gaming software or hardware all affected game wins and payouts are rendered void and all affected bets are refunded
  • Note: Check Casumo terms and conditions in order to become familiar with all the procedures which are used for managing uncompleted game rounds, as well as the time after which the non-active game-playing is ended automatically

Reels and Paylines

Betsoft Gaming, in regard to the number of reels, chose to create this exciting title that has 5 reels that show off well its War theme. With the downward direction of Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds reels, and there are 5 of them by the way, the exciting game will let you focus on wins, and wins only. Players should make sure that they know Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds symbols really well, as they will earn them some regular wins. The 5 reels have 15 tiles which appear at random, including a wild symbol. In addition, the 15 symbols also cover an expanding wild, that could cover whole reels.

Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds, just like any other slot game, has paylines that cover its 5 reels’ and they are in charge of the payouts. There are 20 paylines here and they will award you with £50000. It is common knowledge that having all paylines in the game would make Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds worth the play. Betsoft Gaming didn’t want you to sweat about it, so they disabled such option. Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds has 20 paylines that pay both ways. Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds will pay very often. Prepare yourself for a great time – this War-themed slot carries tremendous winnning chances, not just contemporary interface. How so? We’ll tell you: you get all of 20 ways to win that pay out in two directions!

Top Reward Symbol

Most important tile here is Crown, that has a jackpot role. 250x stake per line is what you’re in for if you get 5 of them. You can hope to get 5 of those tiles on an active line, beacuse then the 250 times stake per line is going to be yours – or £1250 should you bet £5 on all 20 paylines.

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Regular Symbols

Including the aforementioned the Crown symbol, there are 15 symbols in this nicely designed slot:

  • The next-to-best Purple and Yellow Coat of Arms symbols that pay 150x
  • The Tome symbol giving away 100x per line
  • The Chalice tile gives you the 80x per line wager
  • The Warrior’s Helmet symbol – 60x your line stake
  • The least paying Ruby, Cirtine and Topaz images, which give – 20x bet per line

Special Symbols

  • The Chained Swordsman and Shieldmaiden symbol – is the trigger start of the Free Spins game chapter


It can turn any symbol combo into a win. The can also trigger the main Jackpot.

Extra Features

This slot has a lot of eye candy for War fans.

Free Spins

Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds comes with a bonus game under the name War of the Wilds. With this feature you stand to earn cash by awarding you Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds free rounds. The beginning of the round is indicated by the Chained Swordsman and Shieldmaiden symbol The spins can come 10 times in a row, all of them gratis .

Double or Nothing

Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds players can wager their winnings, and double them by engagingthe Double Up special risk feature. After that, take a chance by pressing on Double Up game’s Tails and Heads controls. If you guessed correctly, the 5-reeler’s rewards are going to be doubled Miss your mark, and you’ll return only the winnings from your previous spin. Still, Betsoft Gaming wanted to leave you with an option – play yes or continue spinning.

Is This 5-Reeler a Video Slot?

For sure! Being a video game, this sparkling game has modern graphics as well as sounds in coordination with its Fantasy topic. It’s obvious that Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds belongs to the category of graphically more advanced slots. Apart from such games, there are also classic slots with such astonishing flair, whose retro style still attracts numerous punters.

Game Sounds

Sounds in Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds are very much complementary to the Fantasy theme and design. Betsoft Gaming was smart to include the tones which will take Casumo players to this 5-reeler’s realm. Plus, the maximum line wager multiplier of 250x is going to fit right in. Yet, if this is too much, this 5-reeler provides perfect silence via mute click.

Casumo Download

You won’t see a possibility of a Casumo download. That is why you have to play Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds direct online. With online casinos that offer this 5-reeler, the instant-play casinos which include Casumo are a little more handy than those that call for the download of this fine game. Who downloads anything anymore? Purge Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds download from your mind, just sign up with Casumo right away, by clicking on the link below and go grab that motherload – £1250 in cash, per line.

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About Betsoft Gaming:

Address: 2 Archer Street Soho London, England W1D 7AW
Active since: 1999
Founder: Nicky Senyard
Products: Platform Provider, SLOT3 Slot Games Series, Desktop and Mobile iGaming Software, Table Games, Bingo and Lottery Software

Questions and Answers

Do you want to know more about Casumo promotions or Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds strategies? Read on!

What’s RTP?

The RTP – short for Return to Player – is calculated from statistical tracking of Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds payouts over a long period of time. Expect an average of 93% to 96% in online slots that number 20 paylines.

How High is the Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds RTP?

Before you strap yourself in and catapult into the thrilling world of this title, be sure to be aware of Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds RTP of 95.21% and what that will mean for your overall game enjoyment.

How to withdraw Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds winnings?

When you want to cash in your winnings from this Betsoft Gaming game, the method to do so is nice and easy. Your wins are placed into your Casumo account. You only have to choose how to take out the winnings , and bingo! But if you need more advice or help, Casumo’s helpful customer support can provide you with more info.

Are any credit or debit cards accepted as a withdrawal method?

Credit cards that are issued by MasterCard or Visa are both allowed . Prepaid Paysafe Card is a good alternative, too.

Is Paypal supported?

That’s a no, transfers from your Casumo account to Paypal are not supported. There are other tested and safe options, for example Skrill and Neteller. If you get a headache from too many choices just go with the simple bank transfer.

Is it possible to play Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds free of charge?

Yes, you can play the fully functioning Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds free version courtesy of 20 no deposit free spins you get when you sign up with. Get the Casumo no deposit bonus by clicking the hyperlink that’s found bellow. The Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds fun play edition is also a setting possibility if you’ve visited the casino web page. Accept that you can’t earn money that way.

Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds App

A Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds app does not exist. If you have the desire to spin this slot on an iPad or other tablets go to Casumo’s website, as you will be able to have fun with a lot of other advanced slots on your chosen browser. However, be wary of web sites selling the Casumo app, as they are all fake!

The Verdict

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