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East Wind Battle Review

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Aimed to help those who wish to play East Wind Battle online, this review will try to help you earn some serious cash. Hence, study these paragraphs and be sure that you’re on your way of having the best online slots adventure. But first things first – register an account with VideoSlots. There’s a link here that will guide you to the registration page.

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VideoSlots, the website to be if you are in search of a way to play East Wind Battle and other Chinese-themed zany Playtech online entertainment machines. You can also get a VideoSlots bonus. Let’s see what we have on offer: 11 free spins – no deposit + 150 free spins after deposit plus a £10 bonus – amount not contingent upon a deposit . There’s also a special offer for your first deposit – 100% match VideoSlots welcome bonus up to £400.

VideoSlots Free spins

Hands up if free spins are your preferred special! They very well may be the main argument to play East Wind Battle, not unlike other uplifting slots. The casino has prepared a feature to help you play East Wind Battle successfully – a duet of VideoSlots free spins. You’ll pick up 11 VideoSlots free spins. No cash deposit is required to get this bonus, you only need to sign up. Once you spend one series of free spins, there will be more East Wind Battle free spins waiting for you. You’ll need to grab your credit card and assign your VideoSlots account with £10 or more. After doing so, you’ll have 150 free spins to play with. There’s no other way to snatch the said VideoSlots bonus but by getting to it via the link from this article. Hope you realize that there is no other way of using this promotion.

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Good news – you have an additional VideoSlots bonus that won’t ask for a deposit. The button we’ve incorporated here provides you with a neat little £ 10 VideoSlots no deposit bonus.

VideoSlots Welcome Bonus

The simple act of registration brings you the VideoSlots Welcome Bonus which sole purpose it to let you play East Wind Battle free of charge. The bonus may come to £400 seeing as the deposit match is 100 percent. This offer is so good that you can’t get it just anywhere, but solely through our East Wind Battle review. There is a hyperlink below, you just have to follow it. To make the deposit you have to put up minimum £10. You should really go for a higher amount, in our opinion. Think about it: the cash you put onto the account is going to be matched with the bonus money.

How to sign up with VideoSlots:

  • Step 1: The Play Now button will prompt the VideoSlots bonus activation.
  • Step 2: The next step is the registration. Click on the Join Now button to do that. Type in your username, password and email.
  • Step 3: Check your account ballance. You have just received 11 Free Spins and £10 just for signing up, and if you make a deposit you’ll get a VideoSlots welcome bonus of 100% up to £400.
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Do you long for a good Chinese-themed slot? Playtech humbly presents this War-related game. Read the East Wind Battle review and see why it is of the utmost importance that you give this slot a shot. Below you’ll find all the rule clarifications beginning with the basic features of the game.

  • Behold the 5 reels in East Wind Battle. Its common that slots have an odd number of reels. Playtech has designed them to allow no less than 15 lines.
  • The lowest amount with which you can gamble while you play East Wind Battle for real money is £0.1.
  • Although there’s some demand Playtech hasn’t made East Wind Battle mobile available on any device.
  • Sit down and take some time to familiarize yourself with the rules, you’ll need to if you want to get good at this slot.
  • You could get a lot from playing East Wind Battle – 100000 £ in cash.
  • The East Wind Battle RTP is 96.92%. Not bad? Not bad at all – and we’ll see why in the following paragraph.

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East Wind Battle Jackpot

Playtech opted to skip the online slot jackpots feature for this 5-reel slot. Yet, even if there’s no East Wind Battle jackpot, that doesn’t mean the game is lame – get 5 the Chinese Swordsmen figure and enjoy watching the 600x line bet multiplier, that Playtech incorporated, does its magic. Therefore, should you place a bet in the max amount of £75, you’ll take away as much as £100000! Also, these winnings should be plenty to make you forget about the lack of a Jackpot, at least for some time.

Guide to Playing

In order to be successful when you play East Wind Battle online for real money, there are a couple of pointers we’d like to give you. Wins are paid out when you get between 2 and 5 identical symbols in a line from left to right. Before you take the plunge, set your bet using the bet size toggle. Happy with the settings?Press Spin to start the game.

Although excellent, this game could be confusing at first glance. Slot game experts will understand it in no time. Just observe the steps in the following guide and we will try to unravel this mistery together. The rules are insightful and will help you join the ranks of the many players that enjoy this game on a daily basis.

However, before you do, make sure that you read the instructions below. You need to be a slot game experts for this one. Hopefully following the game’s step by step instructions will be enough to fight the confusion . Don’t skip reading the official game rules, too.

Step 1: East Wind Battle real money mode vs free play

By now you’ve had to have made a choice if you’re going to play East Wind Battle online with real money settings or if you just what to test the bother-free starters novice gamer mode that has no required payments. The East Wind Battle free-play build is a simulation with no real cash involved. It’s available also on the VideoSlots mobile slot platform. You will feel sorry if you never try the real deal though, because you miss the chance to cash out.

Step 2: Pick your credit amount

Your wager amount remains fully flexible for the entire time of East Wind Battle real money play, allowing you to adjust it as and when you wish, depending on your gaming strategy. Go for the lowest bet of £0.1, or boost it up to £75 and bear in mind that the 15 lines don’t pay out easily or quickly. However, when the wins do come, they are amazing! The bet size for the course of East Wind Battle real money play is fully customizable, so you can use whichever you think is the best online slots strategy. You can bet the minimum: £0.1, or go up to £75. The players can set their bets in this 5-reeler, so don’t forget that on the 15 lines the pay-out may be huge, although it takes some time. Seeking a fast way to wager exactly as much as you want? Just click the Bet Max button. Set the stakes just the way you like them the bet size/value button.

Step 3: Picking your desired number of lines

Next, you should set the number of paylines. You’ll need no less than one activated. Opting for small line numbers will diminish your overall wager to £0.1, so will it negatively influence your winning frequency. Better bet on all the 15 paylines. Your wager will be more substantial , starting from £1.5 and reaching £75. However, you’d have to be pretty lucky to pick only the lines you will win on. After that’s sorted out, come forth and click Spin to start the action. East Wind Battle also has a Turbo function which makes the 5 reels go faster, plus, there’s an Auto Play option to make the reels spin on their own. Woo-hoo! It’s play time!

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East Wind Battle could prove to be a challenge if you’re not concentrated enough. This is why it is of the utmost importance to study the rule-book:

As you may have gathered, East Wind Battle is a somewhat difficult 5-reeler. Nobody likes to bother with the rules, but with East Wind Battle you’ll need to read them in order to become a winner. Study the rules and get to know the game:

  • The paytable icon, which you’ll find on your screen, will give you the payouts details
  • 2 alike symbols of any type other are bound to give out prizes, provided they are on an active line
  • Choose a maximum of 15 lines
  • Only if you find your winning combination on a payline that was selected, will you get rewarded. Unless of course, it’s a scatter win
  • Line wins are multiplied with your chosen stake value per line
  • Payouts are made from the left to the right reels with the scatter exception, as it pays in both ways
  • If you win on two or more paylines, your total prize is the sum of all these wins, combined
  • If there are multiple wins on the same payline, only the highest one is paid
  • Scatter wins are combined with payline wins
  • Wild wins, as a rule, bring an extra 2x multiplier
  • In case the gaming hardware or software fail to perform, know that the wins and payments will be momentarily be regarded as null and void, while the bets that were influenced by the failure will qualify for a compensation
  • Notice: Find the VideoSlots terms of use so that you’ll be aware of the procedures in cases when the game is not finished and to see how long you have before an inactive slot game turns off automatically

Reels and Paylines

Concerning the reel count; Playtech made the decision of appointing 5 reels to this exhilarating label with which they try to attract attention to its War tag theme. With the East Wind Battle reels spinning from the top down, and there are 5 of them by the way, the exciting game will let you focus on wins, and wins only. Take a good look at East Wind Battle symbols, which can give you a share of those cool prizes. In fact, the reels feature 13 tiles which occur randomly, including a wild and a scatter symbol.

Generally paylines serve to determine winnings, and East Wind Battle is no exception. There are 15 lines, the more you select the closer you are to winning that £100000 premier prize. It is common knowledge that having all paylines in the game would make East Wind Battle worth the play. Nevertheless, Playtech did incorporate the option to have minimum of one line by inseting the yes toggle. But you’ll just be decreasing your chances to go away with a great deal of East Wind Battle money. East Wind Battle, just like any other slot game, has paylines that cover its 5 reels’ and they are in charge of the payouts. There are 15 paylines here and they will award you with a 100000 £ premier prize. Turning on all the paylines increases your chances of connecting the right symbols and winning big. Even if everybody knows that, Playtech still gave us the option to take away selected lines so as to end up with victory money coming only from one line – click the yes button to set it up. You shouldn’t bother with this, it’s an outdated option put in place because of some Vegas slot tradition. These 15 paylines will pay in left to right direction. The money they carry will be hitting your account every so often, but it will be quite rewarding. And since it has less than 20 paylines, you should make every one of them count. Moreover, Playtech decided to give East Wind Battle lines the left to right payout direction. These prizes will come only once in a while, but they will be hefty. And with less than 20 lines, you could say that each of them will come in handy.

Max Win Symbol

Have winning on your mind? Check out the jackpot tile, Chinese Swordsmen. If your screen shows 5, you’ll be taking away 600x line bet. To win the £3000, you’ll need make an investment – all 15 paylines active, and £5 wagered per each of the lines.

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More About Symbols

Playtech gave this slot a total of 13 symbols. We’ve already covered the top one – Chinese Swordsmen, so here’s a list of the remaining ones, from the highest paying to the lowest paying:

  • The second best paying Yellow Monk symbol, rewarding 400x line bet
  • The Purple and Cian Warrior symbols giving away 250x per line
  • The Green and Grey Warrior symbols are meant to provide you with 150x of your win-line bet
  • The Chinese Girl symbol’s highest reward is 125 times of the stake you wagered per line
  • If you see the Blue, Green and Purple Letter icons, know that a 100x line stake multiplier is coming your way.

Bonus Symbols

  • The Red Ship wild figure
  • The Banner scatter badge

The Substitute Symbol

You won’t have any trouble detecting the wild icon in East Wind Battle – the tile is marked with: Red Ship. In Chinese-themed video slot games the wild can substitute for any one of 13 symbols. In all cases you spot the Red Ship appears in a scoring combination of slot symbols, the prize money will be multiplied 2 times. Getting it will bring you a 10000x multiplier. Mind you, an activated payline must have 5 of these symbols.


When it comes to nifty symbols in East Wind Battle, the Scatter is the one that everyone likes. You’ll recognize it under the name Banner. With the East Wind Battle scatter you won’t have to take the 15 lines into account. It can fall anywhere and still give you a prize. Depending on your luck, these little tile can get you up to 100x – and that’s the prize for all of the 5, combined. With this compelling Banner scatter you could also prompt the freespins feature. With all of these attributes that none of the 13 icon can’t have, this is the tile to pray for.

Bonus Features

Here’s a few words about the bonus features.

Free Spin Games

We are certain everybody will be pleased to hear that they can play East Wind Battle free with the Free Spins bonus and then take real money home. The Banner symbol, that you remember as the East Wind Battle Scatter, triggers this bonus feature. You can keep the free spins coming for a finite amount of 20 rounds .

Is East Wind Battle a Video Slot?

Without a doubt! It is easily seen that this Playtech title falls into the group of visually appealing slots. Aside from all these games, there are also the classic ones with such gripping flair, and even with their moretraditional style, they still attract many players.


This 15 paylines slot has classic Vegas slots sounds that we’ve all heard before. Note that this Chinese-themed game doesn’t even resemble Playtech’s classic slots, yet the old-fashioned casino noise in East Wind Battle positively dominates the atmosphere. Naturally, VideoSlots players can turn on the mute button if East Wind Battle sounds are a bit too much.

VideoSlots Download

Bad news for those searching for a VideoSlots download – it’s not 2013 anymore. Play East Wind Battle online, like we all do nowadays. With online casinos that offer this 5-reeler, the instant-play casinos which include VideoSlots are a little more handy than those that call for the download of this cool game. Who downloads anything anymore? Erase the thoughts of East Wind Battle download now, and only remember to register with VideoSlots – there’s a button below that you should click and go grab that boss win of 600 times your line bet.

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Playtech Info

Main Address: St. George’s Court, 2nd Floor Upper Church Street, Douglas
Year of establishment: 1999
Founder: Teddy Sagi
Operations: Gaming Products & Software Solutions, Online and Mobile Gaming Applications, Cross-Platform Management System

Questions and Answers

If you have a question about playing East Wind Battle or VideoSlots terms and conditions, have a look here:

What do the letters RTP stand for?

RTP is an acronym from Return to Player which is a calculated payout percentage made by the East Wind Battle algorithm over an extensive stretch of time. It is always expressed in percentages, and the RTP in slots with 15 paylines is likely to range from 93% to 96%.

How High is the East Wind Battle RTP?

The game itself with its Wartheme will certainly keep you entertained, although there are not too many thrills in East Wind Battle RTP rate of 96.92% RTP rate, which by no means indicates that it’s a bore. The game with its War theme will keep you amused, but the 96.92% East Wind Battle RTP rate lacks an edgier edge – though it may still surprise you!

How to withdraw East Wind Battle winnings?

So you won big time! Now what? Well, collecting your money is pretty straightforward. Once you win money, it will appear on your VideoSlots account. All you do then is choose your method for withdrawing , and that’s all you need to do. Of course, should you need any more help, you can always contact VideoSlots customer support.

Are there any credit cards you can withdraw to?

Credit cards that are issued by MasterCard or Visa are both allowed , as well as a prepaid Paysafe Card.

Can I withdraw to my Paypal account?

Currently there is no VideoSlots Paypal withdrawal option. How about using Skrill or Neteller instead? Keep in mind, you can send a request for a direct wire transfer.

Can I find East Wind Battle free play?

For sure! You have to option to play East Wind Battle free at VideoSlots with 11 Free Spins . With the hyperlink given bellow you’ll be able to go to the VideoSlots no deposit bonus. playing East Wind Battle fun mode is a choice also at the casino website, if you think it’s fun to not win any money.

East Wind Battle App

There’s not a East Wind Battle app. If you have to spin this elegantly crafted slot-game on an iPhone or iPad, you can still go to the VideoSlots site and play hundreds futuristic slots using your web browser. Be wary of internet pages offering to sell you the VideoSlots app – it’s a trap!


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